Couple Claims Restaurant Charged Them Extra For 'Bad Parenting' But Owner Reveals The Truth

Nov 03, 2023 by apost team

Having family dinners outside their homes could be fun as they have a chance to bond with one another after a long week. However, it could be stressful for some parents, especially if they're tagging their little ones along.

One restaurant in Blue Ridge, Georgia, called the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant, sparked a debate around the internet as their menu stated that there would be a surcharge for adults who are "unable to parent."

One user took to Reddit, as reported by WSB-TV, to share their experience as they wrote: "The owner came out and told me he was adding $50 to my bill because of my children's behavior... disappointed by the experience." 

The story went viral after the menu was posted on Reddit. The post read: "This restaurant charges you extra for bad parenting."

One of the customers, Lyndsey Landmann, spoke with TODAY and revealed that she initially thought it was a joke after she and her husband, Kyle, went to dine at the restaurant along with four other families. In total, there were 11 children ages 3 to 8.

After they had dessert, the owner, Tim Richter, went to their table. At first, Landmann thought he was going to commend them for how well-behaved the kids were, but they were shocked to find out that the restaurant would charge them $50 per bill at their table.

Richter then explained that they were "too loud" and some of the kids were "running outside" even though there were guardians who looked after them.

Another customer named Laura Spillman told WSB-TV in October 2023 that she was also shocked about the policy.

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Not everyone was against the policy, as Anne Cox noted that the fee could possibly motivate parents to be better guardians of their kids.

"They need to teach kids to behave. There are other people in the world, so they should have fun in the right place," she said

TODAY attempted to ask for a statement from the restaurant through a call, but the employee just told the outlet, "We're not going to comment on a policy we've had for years."

On the other hand, WSB-TV was able to travel to the location, and the owner explained the truth behind their policy.

He told the outlet that the surcharge began during the COVID-19 outbreak, but he never really threatened anyone to pay the amount until weeks prior to the interview when a family with nine children visited, and the kids were "running all over the restaurant."

Richter later clarified that he never charged the family, but rather, he only gave them a warning.

"We want parents to be parents," he explained.

People on the Reddit post were divided as there were some users who disagreed with the policy.

"If I read this at a restaurant I would probably leave," one wrote, while another one added, "The number of red flags on this menu, I'd just go ahead and say no thanks."

Another user seemed to agree with the menu as they found it as a warning for parents: "I mean, just means that parents need to teach their kids how to act in public."

One user also noted that parents should pay if they couldn't control their children: "If parents can't control their feral children, they should expect a s**** parent surcharge. No, you don't have the right to disturb other diners with bratty behavior."

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What do you think of the owner's policy? Do you think it's appropriate for him to charge parents who have uncontrollable children? What would you do if you were in this kind of situation? Let us know your thoughts, and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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