Couple At Wedding Performs Elegant Waltz As First Dance

Oct 07, 2021 by apost team

Critics have called Jerzy Antczak’s film “Nights and Days” Poland’s “Gone With the Wind” — and for good reason. The film follows Barbara Niechcic as she looks back on her life in the aftermath of the 1863 January Uprising’s failure. It’s one part love story, one part historical drama — an epic, 10-hour-long film that was the highest-grossing movie in Poland’s history upon its release. It was also nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 1977 Academy Awards, though it ultimately lost to “Black and White in Color,” a film from the Ivory Coast. 

The score, composed by Waldemar Kazanecki, was also incredibly memorable and influential. The Polish pianist and composer had written more than 500 pieces for the screen before his death in 1991, but he is perhaps most well-known for including a Viennese Waltz in “Nights and Days.” To this day, lovers in Poland play the Viennese Waltz from “Nights and Days” at their weddings.

One such example comes from a popular 2016 YouTube video, which shows a beautiful bride and groom dancing to the timeless waltz, albeit in their own way. According to the video’s description, the couple’s choreographed dance is based on the same dance that’s featured in Antczak’s film. 

But while the version in the movie takes place in the 19th century, the couple's version has been amended for a modern-day wedding, taking place in a ballroom complete with multicolored lights.

Since the video of this couple was uploaded, it has accumulated a remarkable 3 million views, along with 11,000 likes and 200 comments. 

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In the video, we see the couple gracefully glide from one side of the room to the other. Apart from the beautiful waltz music, the room is silent, and the wedding guests look on in rapt attention. Wearing a gorgeous princess-line wedding gown, the bride looks like she stepped right out of a fairytale. Meanwhile, the groom is wearing a tuxedo with a striking red bow tie.

As they move across the floor it really looks as if they're floating. The dance is incredibly romantic and it quickly becomes clear why it's a popular dance at weddings in Poland. And as if their performance wasn’t magical enough on its own, a series of multicolored lights also shine on the couple from above, making it seem like it could be a scene out of a movie. By the end of the performance, the crowd around the couple erupts in applause. Not only did they flawlessly pull off the choreography, but the performance was simply beautiful to watch.

Thankfully for everyone who wasn't at the wedding in person, this stunning dance has taken on a life of its own online. With views in the millions, it's no wonder people are enraptured with the performance and eager to give their opinions in the YouTube video's comments section.

“Beautiful first dance, you can see great love, grace and style! If there was smoke instead of lights, it would be perfect ❤️,” Katarzyna Barska-Ratajczak commented in Polish.

“Well done. Good luck to you. Let's remember our beautiful Polish traditional songs,” another user also commented in Polish.

Thanks to the internet and YouTube, wedding dances have become a popular niche genre on the video-sharing platform. In the past, wedding dances would be reserved for those who attended the ceremony, but now the whole world can join in on such special moments.

Back in 2018, a wedding in Hungary took a wonderful turn when all eight siblings of the bride broke into a coordinated dance. Things began simply enough, however. With the bride and groom seated in a place of honor among family and friends, the bride's siblings decided to entertain everyone with a little dancing. The shock only came later when the crowd likely realized the sheer amount of planning that had gone into their routine.

The four boys went first. They launched into a synchronized rendition of the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way,” which included everything from sunglasses to cool poses. While the boys mostly pulled off their too-cool-for-school looks, the smallest performer’s untucked shirt reminds us all of how sweet and adorable the whole routine is, too. The girls performed next. They twirled, giggled and shimmied to "Tell Him" by Linda Ronstadt and "Better When I'm Dancin’" by Meghan Trainor.

The real kicker, however, was when all eight siblings lined up together. An expectant hush fell over the crowd. What would they do next? Howls erupted when they started performing "Radha," an upbeat Bollywood dance song. Their efforts were completely synchronized, with both the brothers and sisters flawlessly dancing the same moves. An enthusiastic viewer sums it up nicely in his comment when he writes, “Let's be honest, no one searched for this, but everyone needed it."  

What do you think of these wedding performances? Have you ever heard of the Viennese Waltz from “Night and Day”? Let us know — and be sure to pass this on. 

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