Couple Adopts Dog They Haven't Seen And They Break Down As Trailer Door Opens

Jul 21, 2021 by apost team

If you've ever adopted a dog from a shelter, you know the feeling of giving a home to an animal that didn’t' have one can be a very rewarding feeling. With so many pets that don't have a family or their basic needs met, adoption seems like such a good choice for those in search of a furry companion.

For Tracy's Dogs, a Texas-based rescue service founded in 2011 by Tracy Whyatt, finding pooches homes has become a livelihood and a mission. This non-profit organization recently got huge recognition for a video that was posted showing them uniting loving people with dogs in search of a home.

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The origin story behind Tracy's Dogs is an unlikely one. Although Tracy Whyatt always had a passion for canines, she had an ordinary job that had nothing to do with them. That was the case until Tracy was on a six-week furlough from that job and made the decision that she was going to follow her heart and focus on saving dogs that were unwanted and needed homes, as this video details. Little did she know at the time that her commitment and love were going to mean big things for some needy pups.

Taking the Mission to Another Level

Tracy and her husband started saving these dogs and finding them homes with people who were willing and able to give them the love they deserve. The couple's mission to save these furry animals continued to gain steam as they took trips to kill shelters all over and rescued dogs who were on the brink of being euthanized.

They took these dogs to other states and found them loving homes. With this passionate mission showing such great results, Tracy never went back to her job.

Finding Partners for This Amazing Mission

In an effort to find more homes for more pooches, Tracy's Dog started a partnership with PetSmart, according to the video description. This company would provide a meeting location for people and the pups they adopted through Tracy's Dogs.

The dogs are loaded up in a 32-foot trailer and are driven to a PetSmart parking lot where they get to meet their new owners for the first time. This is after Tracy's Dogs puts in all the effort to prepare the pooch to be adopted.

Tracy's Dogs Changes the Lives of So Many People and Dogs

In the video, many people talk about why they chose to adopt a pup from Tracy's Dogs. Many talk about the importance of adopting and providing a forever home for a dog that needs one. Others even talk about a positive experience they had with adopting a pooch with Tracy's Dogs in the past.

When you watch the video, it is clear that the lives of both the dogs and the new owners are changed when they meet. The dogs in the video happily lick the faces of their new owners and the people hug and kiss their new dogs. This video shows how important having a canine companion can be too many people. It also shows how people can provide so much for a dog that has nothing. It's also a great reminder of all the amazing things that are possible in life if you just follow your passion as Tracy Whyatt did all those many years ago.

Dogs have a way of making a home in our hearts. What did you think of the story of Tracy's Dogs? Did watching the video provide you with a smile or make you shed a happy tear? Show this video to all the lovers of pooches in your life and let us know how this video impacted you.

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