Country Star Reba McEntire Talks Possibility Of Marriage With Boyfriend Rex Linn, Says They've 'Giggled About It'

Oct 11, 2021 by apost team

At 66 years old, musician and actress Reba McEntire is still showing the world why she's a superstar. Still performing and releasing music, the country legend shows no signs of slowing down just yet.

The gorgeous redhead also appears to be enjoying success in other areas of her life, namely the romance department. That's welcome news after McEntire got divorced from her husband Narvel Blackstock in 2015. She was lucky to find love soon after with Skeeter Lasuzzo but after two years that relationship saw an end too.

But since then things have been going incredibly well for the country star, who went public about her current relationship with boyfriend Rex Linn late last year. McEntire has been with Linn since early 2020, and fans might even recognize him as he's also in the entertainment industry. The 64-year-old is an actor best known to audiences for his work on "CSI: Miami" for 11 seasons and more recently in "Better Call Saul."

The couple's romance appears to be going very well, as the two frequently share photos of each other on their social media accounts. Perhaps their familiarity with being in the spotlight is what brought them together, or in the least is helping them to find common ground. Either way, they seem happy and very much in love.

Now, in a recent interview with "Extra," McEntire opened up about her beau and talked about what it is that makes them such a good fit. She also touched on the topic of marriage, revealing that they've talked about it.

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Reba McEntire (2019), (Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum)

In the recent interview, McEntire spoke candidly with "Extra"'s Alecia Davis about her relationship with Linn, revealing just why they're such a good fit for each other:

“We do know about the music business and the movie entertainment business. He loves to work. I love to work. We were both wannabe cowboys/cowgirls and then got into the entertainment business. We have a lot of similar loves and passions and we just get along so well. I’ve just very grateful.”

She also opened up about their adorable nicknames for each other, with McEntire known as "tater tot," Linn as "sugar tot," and together they are "the tots." She added that Linn is a "great storyteller, total gentleman and hysterical." When asked whether a marriage was in the cards for them, McEntire answered honestly, saying:

“We’ve talked about it and giggled about it. We thought, ‘Man if we ever had a ceremony, we would have to have a 2 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 6 o’clock and an 8 o’clock ‘cause we have so many friends, acquaintances and family.”

She didn't discuss marriage any further, but the interview did end with Davis asking McEntire if she had given any advice to Kelly Clarkson during her divorce to Brandon Blackstock, who happens to be McEntire's stepson. McEntire said she "love[s] them both" and that she's "pulling for both of them." She added:

"I hope they're happy and healthy and pull through this. I pray that everybody gives them the encouragement they can because they need it right now. Both of them do. I love them both with all my heart."

Reba McEntire, Rex Linn (2020), (Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA)

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