Country Music Legend Glen Campbell’s Daughters Perform Version Of “Gentle On My Mind”

Aug 01, 2020 by apost team

Glen Campbell was, and is still, one of the most popular and loved country music artists. He struggled with Alzheimer's disease and later succumbed to it in 2017. The Alzheimer's meant he needed to be taken care of and placed somewhere he would be comfortable to deal with his condition.

His daughters celebrated his honor by performing a version of his song "Gentle On My Mind," on what would have been his 82nd birthday, at Abe's Garden in Nashville, Tennessee – the place their father spent most of his final days.

According to Taste of Country, his daughters came up with a plan together with other family members to share a personal performance for the residents of Abe's Garden in honor of their father. His daughters, Shannon and Ashley, led the residents in singing "Gentle On My Mind" by Glen.

This was a kind gesture for the people who enjoyed and stayed with their father during his final days. The family and friends of Glen did this because their father was loved by the residents as much as by his family.

This event meant the world to the people who attended. Everybody who attended believed that Glen was happy there. It was a beautiful event and he would have enjoyed being part of it. Such gestures are an important and fitting way to honor music legends.

His grandkids continue to celebrate his memory with their own remake of his mega-hit "Gentle On My Mind." This was one of the most loved songs he ever put out. The legacy of a true icon continues to thrive with the family being heavily involved in ensuring that his music is not forgotten. Every legend would want that.

For the people who had the chance to live with Glen Campbell at the residence, they experienced the love and respect of being part of the community that took care of him during his last days. Glen must have been incredibly proud of his family for honoring these people with the special performance of one of his biggest songs.

Glen Campbell had immense influence in the country music scene and we will always remember the kind of impact he had on the whole industry. With a legend like him, it is important to learn from the music and teachings he left behind. Respecting the man is also important because he played a big role in shaping the culture of the country music scene.

It is important to celebrate and show appreciation for our icons–the people that make our days bearable with music are important to us. They represent some of our biggest influences and impact the culture we experience in our daily lives. Celebrating their milestones and achievements maintains the teachings and the art they put out.

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