Country Legend George Strait Marks Golden Anniversary With Heartfelt Tribute To His High School Sweetheart Norma

Jan 21, 2022 by apost team

George Strait is a living legend in the country music scene, with many hit songs to his name, including "Love Without End, Amen," "Give It Away" and "The Chair," among many others. Since his start in the music industry in the mid-1970s, he's made a name for himself as one of the country music's most celebrated artists, which has earned him the nickname the "King of Country."

Born in Poteet, Texas on May 18, 1952, George's father owned a cattle ranch, where the family worked on weekends and during the summers. George's literal cowboy upbringing no doubt influenced him and helped to give him real authenticity when he began to perform country music.

However, funnily enough when he first began to perform music while at high school, he was influenced by The Beatles since they "were big" and other similar bands "that were popular then." But soon enough country music came calling since it could be heard all over his native Texas.

After he finished his military service in Hawaii during the '70s, George enrolled in university back in Texas, where he earned a degree in agriculture. While he completed his higher education, George joined a country band named Stoney Ridge, which he later renamed Ace in the Hole Band. He took over as the lead but despite having earned a solid reputation regionally they couldn't land a record deal and were said to have been turned down by every label in Nashville. It was at this point that George nearly gave up music, but thanks to his wife, Norma Strait he persevered a little longer, which ultimately led to the incredible career he's had since.

During a performance last year that coincided with the couple's 50th wedding anniversary, George singled out his wife and wished her a happy anniversary after 50 incredible years together.

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Norma Strait, George Strait (2001), (Gabe Palacio/ImageDirect/Getty images)

At the time that George was close to giving up music, Norma convinced him to give music one more year. Not only must George be so happy he listened to her, but the entire world is too because things really picked up for the country music legend after that time. 

Shortly after, MCA Records signed Ace in the Hole Band for one song only, and if it proved to be successful, they'd consider a whole album. Well, needless to say, George and his band's talent shone through, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, George's band members stayed with him and continued to perform as his backup and touring band after he embarked on his hugely successful solo career.

George's amazing country music career is legendary, but to know that his beloved wife is a part of his success makes it even more special. In fact, the pair have known each other for almost their entire lives. The two were high school sweethearts, and soon after they graduated, the loved-up couple eloped to Mexico in 1971. After they returned, they celebrated with close family and friends in Texas.

Together they went on to have two children — a daughter named Jenifer and a son named George Strait Jr., AKA "Bubba." However, tragedy struck when in 1986, Jenifer died at the age of 13 in an automobile accident. But George and Norma's strong bond hasn't wavered despite the tragedies they've endured. In a 2012 interview with People, the musician revealed the secret to their wedded bliss. He said:

“We do almost everything together. She stayed home until Bubba (their son) got out of high school and went to college, but since then she’s come on the road with me too. We love each other and we still like each other. A lot!”

George Strait, Norma Strait (2013), (Randi Radcliff/WireImage/Getty Images)

George proved his love to Norma once again when he dedicated his 1992 song "I Cross My Heart" to her during a performance in Dec. 2020. The song is one of his most celebrated and cherished songs to date, and many have noted it's the song that best represents George's romantic side. The song was written for the soundtrack of the film "Pure Country," which saw George star as the film's central protagonist. He also recorded the film's soundtrack, which was released as a tie-in album.

While he performed two back-to-back "Strait to Vegas" shows in Las Vegas last year, the second of the performances fell on Dec. 4, which happened to be George and Norma's wedding anniversary. Despite the fact that he had a show on during their anniversary, George didn't hold back his love for his wife and made sure that the whole crowd and subsequently the world knew how much she meant to him. He stopped between songs and said:

“So I was 19 years old. And I knew this girl, Norma, she was 17, really hot,” he said with a smile."

He added:

"We went to Mexico and eloped ... 50 years ago today."

George pointed up to Norma, who appeared to be in a box seat, while the camera panned over to her. She appeared happy if not slightly embarrassed to be the center of attention. The country legend then performed the incredibly fitting song "I Cross My Heart," before he once again pointed in Norma's direction and said "Happy anniversary." The crowd couldn't get enough of the sweet moment, as they cheered the lovebirds on. 

The gesture was incredibly moving and proved just how strong George and Norma's relationship is, even 50 years on. We wish the happy couple many more years of wedded bliss!

George Strait, Norma Strait (2017), (David Livingston/Getty Images)

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