Cops Rescue Baby Crying Alone In Hot Car, When Mother Returns From Shopping She Loses It

We all know how stifling a hot car can feel when we first get into it, especially during the summer. The first thing most of us do is roll down the windows to let in some fresh air until the air conditioning kicks on. Vehicles that are left parked outside on hot days quickly begin to feel like little ovens. That's why leaving pets or children in them with the car off and doors and windows shut is such a dangerous idea.

Tragically, kids die every year because parents assume that leaving their kid for just a few minutes won't cause any harm. Perhaps this story will serve as a warning to anyone who has that idea in their mind to think twice before leaving their child in a hot car!

Karen Gruen, a 33-year-old New Jersey school teacher should have known better than to leave her 4-month old little girl in a hot car. Yet that's exactly what happened when she decided to make a quick run into the Kohl's location in Howell one day. She had just one item on her list, so she thought her baby wouldn't be in any danger.

As Ms. Gruen lingered in the store, distracted by other items, that few minutes turned into forty minutes!

During that time, the outside temperatures began to rise into the 80s. For her daughter in the hot, locked car, the temperature may have gotten all the way up to 120 degrees!

Retired police officer Steve Eckel walked past the car where Karen's daughter was trapped. He noticed the baby with sweat trickling down her body and her eyes starting to roll back in her head! He knew at that time that he had to act fast or the baby could easily overheat and die.

He grabbed a sledghammer from his vehicle and rushed quickly back to Karen's car. Then he smashed the front passenger window and unlocked the car. He was overcome with relief that he was going to be able to rescue the 4-month old in time.

When he removed her from her car seat, the sweltering infant's skin was bright red due to overheating. He unsnapped her clothing and quickly took her into the cool, air-conditioned store.

When she approached her car, Karen realized that the window was broken and her child was no longer in her car seat. She immediately wondered if the baby had been kidnapped. Steve went up to her and asked where her daughter had gone. The panicked mom didn't know what to say.

Then he told her what had happened. He explained the state in which he had found Karen's daughter. When she realized what grave danger she had placed her child in Karen was overcome with remorse. She had not realized how long she had been inside the store.

When police came to the scene they questioned both Steve and Karen. After learning how long she had been in the store Steve told Karen she should plead guilty to charges of neglect. Steve felt as though he was sent to fulfill the mission of a guardian angel that day for one special little girl.

Even though children die every year as a result of people leaving them in hot cars parents continue to make this same deadly mistake.

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