Controlling Mom Freaks Out After Losing Access To Adult Daughter's Constant Location

Jun 10, 2021 by apost team

Wanting to keep your children safe and protected is a natural instinct for every parent. It’s normal for parents to want to look out for their children and make sure that their life is as smooth and seamless as possible. At some point, though, children grow up and find themselves learning how to become more and more independent. While this can be a tricky concept for some moms and dads to handle, it’s simply a part of life that everyone has to come to terms with at one point or another.

For one mother in particular, she has been having an extremely difficult time adjusting to her daughter’s newfound freedom. The daughter, who is currently 19, has been living on her own for just over a year and has been trying to figure out how to be more independent without the help of her parents. She has changed some settings on her phone to make it so her mother cannot track her every step of the way anymore — much to the mother’s disapproval.

While the mother has been trying to be protective of her daughter as her child adjusts to life on her own, the daughter has been trying to figure the world out for herself, which is something that she cannot do with her mother there every step of the way. The daughter went to Reddit on May 31, 2021, to voice her frustrations and ask if she was wrong for calling her mother overbearing or if her mother was wrong for being so controlling in the first place. Hafemann

In her Reddit post, the daughter talked about how she is 19 years old and pays her own rent and phone bill, while her parents pay for anything related to her car since it was a gift. The young woman has adjusted to working hard to support herself — sometimes putting in up to 50 hours a week at her job — and even landed herself a promotion. She said that she purchased a new phone to treat herself for all of her accomplishments. This is when the trouble started to brew with her mother.

Since she switched from an iPhone to an Android, she has noticed that “tracking isn’t as easy,” since Androids don’t have the same features as iPhones like Find My Friends. According to the girl’s Reddit post, her mother used to track her location constantly while she was in high school, which she found “very frustrating.” This strained their relationship, leading the daughter to move out and turn off her location so her mother could no longer track her whereabouts. Unhappy with her daughter’s decision, the mother threatened to take away her child’s car as a punishment for not having her tracking feature turned on.

“My mother started freaking out and having a panic attack,” the daughter explained. “She told me I was out of control, and that I was crazy and that I was hiding something.” The daughter has been adamant that she isn’t doing anything wrong; she is simply just trying to work on being more independent and wants her mother’s overbearing presence to calm down as it is “toxic” and gives the girl anxiety attacks.

Who do you think was in the wrong here: the mother or the daughter? Let us know, and be sure to send this to your friends and family to find out what they think, too!


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