Complete Strangers Blow Train Commuters Away With Piano Duet

A few years ago, two complete strangers met in a busy train station in Austerlitz, in the Czech Republic. These young men spoke different languages and were from different countries. They had, however, one thing in common and that was a love for playing the piano.

An unexpected piano duet started when Gerard Pla Daro, a Spaniard, spotted a piano while waiting in the Austerlitz station. To Gerard, a talented musician, the piano seemed to be inviting someone to play it, so he sat on the bench and started to play a piece by Italian Ludovico Einaudi called “Una Mattina." 

As the music filled the air, commuters in the train station stopped and turned towards the young man to watch and listen. One of the commuters, a young man from Algeria named Nassim Zawsh seemed to be particularly interested. 

He approached the pianist but hung back for just a little.

He knew the music and could be seen nodding his head to the musical talent of Gerard. Nassim approached the piano and started playing in a manner that completely complimented the playing musician’s solo performance. 

They were two strangers but they played as though they had been practicing the musical piece together for a long time. As they played, Nassim could be seen switching from one side of the piano to the other many times and Gerard played on without skipping a beat.

They spoke different languages but the blending of their musical talent needed no words. 

The appreciative commuters in the station gave a loud round of applause to show appreciation for the unexpected piano duet of the two young men. The musical rendition helped to make the tedious waiting the commuters had to endure an enjoyable experience. Nassim and Gerard showed how music is indeed a universal language. 

To hear their beautiful piano duet, watch the video below! 

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