Community Blindfolds Delivery Driver To Gift Her Money For New Roof

May 03, 2022 by apost team

In December 2020, a UPS driver, who had dedicated a third of her twenty-three-year career to serving the same community outside St. Louis, Missouri, got a seasonal shock when her customers secretly banded together to collect enough funds to replace the leaky roof on her home. More than the standard pair of novelty socks and Starbucks gift card, Carolyn Crump was blindfolded and led to a gathering in nearby Concordia Park, where she received a comically large check and endless thank yous from residents, their family members, and their pets.  

A teary Crumb offered dog treats to each pet, a familiar step in her deliveries. "Love the dogs. Love handing out treats," she said, holding her hand. "If I'd known this was happening, I would have brought the whole canister," she joked. One of the neighbors that organized the event, Jason Lehtman, commented on Crumb's kindness, saying, "She's got a heart of gold. The day before we had to put our dog down, I found her in our foyer saying her goodbyes to our dog. That's the type of person she is."

The Missourians had started the GoFundMe after Crump had mentioned needing a new roof. Lehtman, who works in roofing, and other neighbors jumped into action and formulated the whole surprise in less than two weeks, with the money raised in mere days. In addition to orchestrating the replacement, the fifty-plus Claytonions managed to double their fundraising goal and gift Crumb enough to help alleviate some other financial stress as well as contribute to Santa's fund for Christmas. Additionally, Crump's birthday was also on the horizon, so the moment doubled as a party. However, Crumb didn't waste too much time celebrating and hopped back on her route to ensure her final twenty packages got to their mailboxes on time.  

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Crumb even received support from her fellow UPSers, one of whom covered her shift while others attended the gathering, knowingly parking down the street to maintain the surprise. Crumb's supervisor Jane Strini, who was also in attendance, commented, "During this time it's just nice to see a community come together, as well as just recognition for her. You couldn't ask for anything better...She is a definite UPS'er — that's her."

Of Crumb's seemingly unflappable work ethic and ability to always go the extra mile, Lehtman also commented, saying, "Every single person can give you a story where [Crump has] gone above and beyond, like bringing up groceries when someone's arm was broken." Clearly a valued member of the community, Crumb shares a mutual love for the residents of Clayton. "I love this route. I love my job. I love coming to work, I never mind working. It's great, you know, and this is why... It's easy to have a positive attitude when you know how blessed you are to just have a job."

Based on her dedication and enthusiasm, it seems Crumb will be a feature in Clayton for years to come. "This is why I'll retire on this route," she said earnestly as she stood surrounded by cheering residents. "And the only reason I have a route is because, you guys, shop online!" Crump added jokingly. "I love online shoppers. I should get a bumper sticker that says that on my car. They don't sign my check, but they definitely supply the materials for it."

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