Common Sense, We Hardly Knew Ye

Aug 16, 2017 by apost team

Today marks the passing of Common Sense, a friend we have enjoyed for many years. While we know when she passed away, no one among us is quite sure when she entered this world due to a clog of red tape in finding a birth record.

She will be remembered for her ability to teach lessons like when to get out of the rain; why the second mouse gets the cheese; that life does not play fair with us and how sometimes we are the ones at fault for a problem. Common Sense lived as long as she did by sticking to a simple well-planned approach to finances; she never spent more than she made and she was always there to guide us true when it came to raising children. Common Sense's vitality began to erode soon after well-meaning yet overreaching stipulations became a common fixture of life.

Instances where charges of sexual harassment were levied against a child, a single digit in age, for kissing a classmate; teens being suspended for using mouthwash because it contained alcohol and teachers being fired for establishing dominance against a rioting classroom; only exacerbated the problem. Common Sense faltered as parents sought to blame teachers for failing to serve as substitute parents to their children. Her health only further diminished once schools offers of medical assistance were cut off by permission slips while issues of teen pregnancy and abortion were never brought to parents' attention.

Common Sense lost her joy of life after churches became financial enterprises and criminals were treated better than those they had wronged. Common Sense was left in critical condition when homeowners lost the ability to defend their property from thieves and those very burglars could turn around and sue the homeowners for assault within the home they planned to steal from.

Common Sense flat-lined upon hearing that an elementary school student had been suspended from classes for chewing a toaster pastry in such a way that it crudely resembled a pistol.

Common Sense's death was preceded by the deaths of her parents, Trust and Truth, her husband, Discretion, and her children Responsibility and Reason. She is survived by three step-siblings; I Know My Rights, Someone Else is at Fault and I'm the Victim Here. Few attended her funeral because most had never realized she had left us.

If you remember Common Sense, pass this obituary around; most people will just read this, laugh and move on.