Clever Dog: Golden Retriever Replaces Treat In Order To Trick Owner Into Thinking Pup Has Not Eaten

Nov 18, 2020 by apost team

One golden retriever has gone viral on the internet after its owner posted a video of it trying to pull a sneaky trick. In the video, the intelligent dog eats a treat it found on the table and then quickly replaces it before its human comes back.

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The video shows a man stood beside his adorable golden retriever pup. The owner places a snack on the table, instructs the canine not to eat it, and then leaves the room. 

The smart dog keeps his eyes focused on the man until he is gone. Then, the dog springs into action.

What To Do?

When the coast is clear, the dog moves in on the treat. It first lifts the snack from the table with its teeth and then happily eats it. Clearly, this is a well-practiced skill for this darling dog.

Oh no! The treat is gone, and the human will soon return. This is quite a dilemma for any pet. What's this animal to do? Without skipping a beat, this strategic snacker acts. He quickly runs to the stand containing the treats. Then, he opens the correct drawer.

Score One For The Golden

Once the drawer is open, the golden picks up a new treat in his teeth. Although he is faced with an entire drawer of snacks, the disciplined dog only picks up the one treat he needs. He is also cautious not to chew on it as he moves back to the table.

The precious pup could have easily dropped the treat on the floor. He could have also placed it on the other side of the table. Instead, this fantastic creature puts the treat very close to the location of the original treat.

It's All About The Details

This is one detail-oriented doggie. Once the treat is in place, he places his head on the table with the same expression he had when his human left the room. Only, all is not as it should be.

Leaving the treat drawer open was a mistake that could have almost given away this conniving canine. At least he realized his mistake before his human returned. The golden quickly ran over and shut the drawer before returning to his place at the table.

When the man returned, the treat was where he had left it. The human was very impressed with what a good boy his dog had been, and everyone knows that good dogs deserve their rewards. The man did not hesitate to feed his faithful friend the snack he had earned.

The General Consensus

The video was first posted on TikTok a while back but recently went viral again after British author Helena Morrissey posted it again on Twitter. The re-post garnered a massive reaction on Social Media, with 3.9 million views in just four days.  

Many Twitter users took to the comments to express their admiration for the smart cookie, who even turned back to close the drawer before his owner returned. 

"Wow! Such a good boy/Girl! Even if I caught them doing this I can't even be mad. I'd just praise them for being a little smarty pants," one tweeter commented

Another joked: "Can't tell of this dog is smart for figuring this out, or dumb for not just eating one out of the bag."

A clever dog? Or just well trained? 


While many Twitter users were impressed with the stunt, others were quick to point out that the video was likely staged. 

"If there weren't pull threads to help the dog on the drawer, I might have bought this ! He's been trained to do exactly what we see," a user wrote

Even if he was trained to pull off that trick in defense of the dog, it's still quite impressive! 

But it isn't unheard of either. According to the American Kennel Club, golden retrievers are bright dogs that can be trained to carry out many essential tasks. Dogs belonging to this breed are trained to accompany hunters, do fieldwork, guide the blind, and even help in search-and-rescue operations. 

"Trained or not, that's one Very Good Boy," read one comment. And we couldn't agree more. 

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