‘Cleaning Fairy’ Recalls Moment He Found Out He Cleaned Wrong Apartment

Jul 20, 2021 by apost team

The thought of someone breaking into your place of residence would terrify most, but not for one couple in New Jersey. While both Beth Motzel and her husband Tom were out of their apartment on July 13, 2021, someone had broken into their apartment and made sure to leave a lasting impression on their humble abode.

A man by the name of Louis Angelino runs his own cleaning service on the side of his full-time job to help bring in a little extra income. His friends are avid clients, and he agreed to clean one of his friends’ apartments. He arrived at the apartment and found a key discreetly hidden under the front mat before making his way inside and immediately getting to work. Angelino worked hard at dusting off furniture and organizing anything out of place, leaving the apartment remarkably clean and spotless.

Surprisingly, his friend had reached out to him and expressed his concerns about whether he was coming by to clean the apartment. Confused, Angelino detailed just where he was and how much work he had already done at making sure his friend’s home was in perfect condition. Angelino had accidentally broken into someone else’s apartment and cleaned it. It turned out that he was at the right complex, but had one of the numbers in the address mixed up.

Coincidentally, the Motzel couple also kept a key under their front entrance mat, just like Angelino’s friend. Using plenty of elbow grease and a great deal of time, Angelino had worked diligently at making sure the apartment was absolutely flawless, despite the unbeknownst flaw of it being the wrong apartment.

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On July 13, 2021, WCBS reported that Angelino, also known as the Cleaning Fairy, arrived at what he thought was his friend Mark’s apartment in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, but it turned out to be someone else’s home. After spending more than two hours making sure the place was spotless, Angelino got a call from Mark wondering where he was, to which Angelino explained that he was currently in the Cherry Hill apartment playing with a cat. Once Mark revealed he didn’t have a cat, the two men realized that Angelino had accidentally cleaned the wrong apartment.

Motzel told WCBS about the surprising call she received from her husband Tom when he got home that day. “He said, ‘You won’t believe it. Somebody broke in our house and cleaned the entire thing,’” Motzel said. Tom was shocked at how everything was perfectly in place and put together neatly, and expressed how “shiny” the apartment looked, according to a video shared by Inside Edition. The place was so clean that it looked like someone had just moved in. 

Angelino had even fed and played with their cats and wiped down every surface in the place. “He really is a cleaning fairy,” Motzel added. Even though Angelino’s actions had been found out, he still managed to leave the place as clean as possible. Angelino has since gone on to share the hilarious incident by uploading a clip to Tiktok, with the questioning caption, “You’re welcome?” as per WCBS. He went on to explain that this might have been just what he needed to help grow his cleaning business.


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