Classmates Call Bucked Teeth Boy 'Rabbit Kid' But People Donate $100,000 To Give Him The Brightest Smile

Aug 14, 2019 by apost team

Some kids can be very cruel toward peers who look different. A 12-year-old boy named Evan Hill was a constant target of bullying for having a severe case of buck teeth.

The bullies at his New Zealand school nicknamed him "rabbit kid." Evan's tooth deformity was so severe that it not only looked unusual but also caused him difficulties with talking. His teeth were actually so large that he couldn't completely close his mouth.

The national television program Campbell Live featured Evan in a recent program, and it sparked a big emotional response from many of the show's viewers. The Hill family needed $12,000 to have a surgical procedure done to correct Evan's teeth.

The family stated that they couldn't afford to pay for the procedure, and they were considering mortgaging their home to pay for it.

Dental fees are usually free in New Zealand, but some conditions that are primarily cosmetic in nature do not qualify for the cost subsidies. Fortunately for the Hill family, the people at Campbell Live set up a fundraising campaign for the family, and they asked viewers to contribute to the cause. The results of the campaign were far beyond expectations as the donations topped $100,000.

Because of the generosity and compassion of the TV audience, Evan and his family finally had hope that he could live a life free of torment from bullies. The treatments for Evan ended up taking five years and required many surgeries, but his ordeal is finally over. Evan now has a normal-looking set of teeth.

For some time, Evan needed to wear braces, so the dentist had to wait a while before he could operate directly on the boy's buck teeth. After many monthly visits to the dentist, the doctor recently performed a procedure to adjust his front teeth by over a half inch.

After this final procedure, Evan could finally smile with confidence. The Hill family have expressed their gratitude for the exceptional generosity of the people who contributed to help their son.

The treatments only cost $12,000, so the rest of the $100,000 was given to a fund to help other children who urgently need dental procedures. This story has been an important catalyst for improving the lives of children who suffer from bullying because of medical issues.

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