Claire Sings To Her Daddy With This Beautiful New Song And It Has The Internet In Tears

No one is denying the fact that Claire Ryann Crosby is already a little star in the making. She has been recording and releasing all types of adorable music videos ever since she was a young toddler. These videos always garnered millions of views within just hours of being released. Her videos have melted many hearts all over the world.

However, her newest video, “A Million Dreams,” is a hit that is topping the charts. She performs the song, from the musical The Greatest Showman, with her father, Dave. Their duet quickly went viral. When you hear the rendition for yourself, you will quickly understand why everyone is talking about it.

Claire is still just a young girl, but she really knows how to perform in front of the camera. She sings her heart out with her Dad in a way you would believe an older singer would do. She is really just that good. It may be because mom and dad sat with her to watch musicals ever since she was a baby.

They also learned new instruments together. Since music was an important part of the lives of her parents even before Claire was born, they were determined to always keep it a priority. They wanted Claire to grow up with music in her soul.

Claire is now a world-famous singer. The Voice, Good Morning Britain, and The Ellen Show have all featured the young girl since the video took off. Dave told GeekWire during an interview that while his daughter’s sudden fame is exciting and crazy, he is ecstatic to be a huge part of it. After the first video went viral, Dave said it was just one crazy experience after another. Claire is even planning to be in a few movies next year.

Claire is still singing and her fame is still rising. But her beautiful version of “A Million Dreams” with her father will definitely live on forever as her best performance. We are confident that the Crosby family has much more in store for them. We love this talented young lady so much!

Are you ready to watch this beautiful duet below? Have the tissues handy! What did you think of this amazing duet? Give us your thoughts in the comment section and pass this video on to those who love music as much as we all do!