City Constructs Playground Area Catered To Senior Citizens

Sep 03, 2020 by apost team

We all remember the freedom we found in swinging as high as we could during a day at the park. Running wild with our friends was the most fun that could be had. As we begin to age, these days at the park become no less fun. However, our bodies simply cannot handle as much physical activity as they once could.

For senior citizens in North York, Toronto, their dreams became a reality when the city constructed a senior citizen playground specifically for its elderly population.

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You may have heard of specialized playgrounds for disabled children, but have you seen the implementation of a playground for senior citizens? At Godstone Park in North York, Toronto, those who are of advanced age can have just as much fun as the young children on their new playground equipment.

Opened in July 2019, the equipment at this park was voted upon by residents at their top choice of community improvement, as reported by As soon as it was named as the favorite option for locals, construction began.

Keeping Physical Activity Alive

As individuals increase in age, health problems begin to mount. Routine physical activity can keep muscle loss and ailments at bay. The equipment at this playground offers the elderly a way to stay active in a safe manner.

Mimicking gym equipment, each station has a movement that is outlined by an attached placard demonstrating the move itself and safety tips. 'Beginner', 'Intermediate', and 'Advanced' options are available for various levels of fitness expertise.

Community Interaction and Socialization

Not only does the park provide seniors with an outdoor space for physical activity, but it also allows additional opportunities for socialization between park-goers. Building the community through positive interaction can be accomplished through the frequent use of these amenities.

Serving as a haven for those who may have become less social over time, as BBC explains, senior citizens can get outside and interact with others in a seemingly harmless environment.

Additional Health Benefits

The health benefits of frequent exercise go far beyond the physical aspects of such routines. Good for the mind, body, and soul, exercise provides an outlet for stress relief and encourages good mental health.

Since seniors make up a large portion of the fastest-growing population in Canada right now, the community felt it was right to give back to those who have already given so much to their community.

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