Circus Elephants Got Separated, Finally Reunited With Each Other 22 Years Later

While there are many differences that exist between animals and humans, it is difficult not to notice the many shared similarities. One similarity between the two is the ability to experience grief and joy.

From time to time, an occurrence happens in the animal world that demonstrates to us just how alike they truly are to human beings.

One of these incidents took place in 2000 when PBS aired a story that gained global attention.

Two elephants, who once performed in a circus and had been separated for 22 years, were filmed having an emotional reunion that will cause individuals with the hardest of hearts to shed a tear or two.

The footage was taken at a sanctuary for animals in Tennesee. We are treated to quite a sight when Jenny and Shirley recognize each other after spending the last two decades of their lives apart.

The emotional reunion is a reminder that these animals experience the same emotions as humans. The keepers of the animals were just as emotional when watching the reunion. They watched with great anticipation as the elephants watched each other through the gates.

Moments later, it became obvious the elephants recognized each other. It is the next part of the video that is likely to bring you to tears.

The two elephants wrapped their trunks around each other. This is a sign of affection shared by elephants. Fortunately for us all, the video of the wonderful reunion shared by Jenny and Shirley is available for our enjoyment.

Watch the reunion of the two elephants:

Were you surprised at the show of emotion by the elephants? Did the video of their reunion tug at your own emotions? Send this video to your family and friends. They will enjoy the reunion between Jenny and Shirley as much as you did.