Cindy Crawford And Model Daughter Kaia Gerber Look Like Sisters

Nov 05, 2020 by apost team

Cindy Crawford is one of the original '90s supermodels and not only does her legacy live on today, but she's actually still modeling! While her star will never wane, Cindy's daughter Kaia Gerber has taken the modeling world by storm in recent years, proving that beauty and modeling talent really does run in the family. What's more, Kaia is the spitting image of her mother in her heyday!

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A strong family resemblance is nothing unusual, even among celebrities. But when your mom happens to be supermodel Cindy Crawford, one could say her offspring got very lucky! Cindy has two children with husband Rande Gerber, a 21-year-old son named Presley Gerber, and a 19-year-old daughter named Kaia.

Both children take after their parents' stunning good looks—they are a very photogenic family indeed!—but it's Kaia who's followed in her mom's footsteps and is turning her good looks into a career. I mean, if you looked like your mom Cindy Crawford, you would too!

Considering she's only 19-years-old, Kaia has already taken the fashion industry by storm, appearing in numerous fashion shows, magazines, advertisements, and more already in her short career. In fact, in 2018, Kaia actually won the Model of the Year at The Fashion Awards.


The brunette beauty strongly takes after her mom Cindy, bearing the same deep-set chocolate eyes, luscious lips, and statuesque figure. The pair seem very close, with Cindy often posting on Instagram about her daughter's achievements. In honor of her Model of the Year award, Cindy posted a photo of the two glammed up with the caption:

"Congratulations to my not so little girl @kaiagerber on your model of the year award! So proud of you! Xo"

One commenter wrote what many of us have all thought at one point:

"You look more like sisters, if you don't mind me saying so!"

In a more recent post, Cindy shared a behind-the-scenes photo of the two of them modeling together in a campaign, saying:

"When your garage is converted into a studio, WFH takes on a whole new meaning! On set with my favorite model @kaiagerber and #normanjeanroy for @omega ❤️"

The mother-daughter duo is often photographed spending time together, proving that their connection really is genuine. In the summer of 2019, Kaia was photographed going out to lunch in New York with her parents. Ever the stylish Gen Zer, Kaia looked gorgeous in a black gingham minidress and sneakers, while Cindy looked classically stylish in a snakeskin print summer dress. Meanwhile, Rande donned a tried-and-true white T-shirt and blue jeans look.

With their closeness and dominance of the modeling industry in two very different eras, Cindy and Kaia were the perfect pair to sit down with Vogue and discuss the changes that have taken place in the industry, particularly modeling in the age of social media. In the lengthy interview from last year, Cindy discusses her entry into the industry at the age of 16—before Vogue had an 18+ policy—while Kaia also began at the same age, albeit under the guidance of her mother.

Kaia spoke of her mother's influence on her career, saying:

"If anyone had a point of reference, I definitely did and one of the best ones. For me [modeling] wasn’t a foreign world to go into and I felt like I understood it. I knew what I was kind of getting into."

Cindy then explained the sage advice she lives by when modeling and that she passed on to her daughter: "Do your homework," meaning, know the previous work of the photographer or designer you're working with and come prepared. Considering Kaia's ever-growing career, we're sure she listened to her mom on that one.

On the topic of social media, Kaia explains how she wasn't able to learn from her mom, as they were both learning about it together. She acknowledges that while it's been refreshing for the world to see more behind-the-scenes images of models, proving that they don't just wake up looking gorgeous and Vogue-ready, it has taken a bit of the magic away from the industry.

Lastly, asked how she feels about comparisons to her famous mom, Kaia says:

"If I had to be compared to anyone in the whole world, it is the biggest compliment [to be compared to Crawford], especially when people tell me that I act like her. That, to me, is the biggest compliment to receive because she carries herself with the most poise, kindness, and grace."

It seems Cindy and Kaia are not only gorgeous faces but kind spirits too. As Kaia says, that's the ultimate comparison.

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