Christian Artists Lauren Daigle And Tori Kelly Declare Love For Christ On Stage At Grammys

Tori Kelly and Lauren Daigle shared their love for Jesus recently on the Grammy stage after winning two Grammy awards each.

Both Kelly and Daigle have put in a lot of struggle and work toward their successful career. They’ve also been previously nominated for music awards in the past. But when they recently won Grammy’s for their contemporary Christian hits, they also praised Jesus for helping them succeed.

Both Christian artists have been nominated for Grammys before, but this is the first time they won the prestigious award.

Lauren said, "It gives us the opportunity to spread love to the entire world, and so I just wanna thank Jesus for letting me be a part of this, that he's put a voice in my throat. For everybody who's a writer, whoever's involved in all this, I think it's just such a gift. This community of music, I love it so so much and I'm so incredibly grateful."

Tori Kelly took home the “Best Gospel Album” award for her recording “Hiding Place.” Her current hit single “Never Alone” also won the “Best Gospel Song” award at the Grammy program.

Kelly began singing at 12 years of age.

She signed a recording deal and was a hit on YouTube all by the age of 14. She even performed on “American Idol” at one point.

When Kelly received her Grammy, she thanked Jesus for helping her.

She also thanked Kirk Franklin for his support and assistance during her career. Later, she praised God on Instagram for her wins and success. 

Lauren Daigle also praised Jesus for the gift of music as she accepted her Grammy for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song” for the song “You Say” as well as the “Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for her recording of the album “Look Up Child.” Daigle publicly acknowledged and thanked Jesus for the gift of music she was given.

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