Choose The Most Beautiful Butterfly And Discover Incredible Secrets Of Your Personality…

Dec 27, 2018 by apost team

Who doesn’t love a beautiful butterfly? These majestic insects often symbolize powerful representations of life. In the Christian religion, butterflies are typically seen as the sign of resurrection. Many cultures view the butterfly as a representation of life and hope. Did you know that the type of butterfly you select can also show you the deep secrets of your own personality?

Look at the collection of images above and pick out the butterfly that you believe is the best representative of your heart and soul. Then read on and find the number in the results below to learn what your choice means when it comes to your personality.

Number 1

If you picked number one, this means that you are very protective of your friends and family. They know that you will be there for them any time they turn to you for help. You hate injustice and unfairness and will do whatever it takes to stop it from happening. You are always the first to step up and take on a challenge when you believe it is for the greater good. You are logical and honest and expect everyone around you to be, too.

However, you often do not see that you are being taken advantage of by people who only want to use you. It is important to carefully monitor just how much of yourself you give out.

Number 2

You have a fire inside that won’t ever die down. You are strong-willed and very driven in every aspect of your life. When you want something, you do not hesitate to do everything that you have to in order to get it. You reach for the stars and keep on going even after you get there. No one can tell you what to you should say or do!

But you often have no patience when you have to wait for things to happen, causing you to leap before you think about the consequences. While this often works out in your favor, it is a trait you need to carefully monitor, as it may get you into trouble at times.

Number 3

If you chose butterfly three, you are a very sensitive and caring soul. You often feel misunderstood and underappreciated by your family, friends, co-workers, and boss. You have a lot of talents that you don’t always use because you feel as though they aren’t good enough. You care deeply about the world around you and often cry at the injustices you see happening.

However, these particular traits often worry those around you. Your loved ones may feel as though they have to walk on eggshells around you at times, so it is important that you try to toughen up when the situation calls for it. While being kind and sensitive is an honorable trait, you don’t want to let it come between you and the people you care about.

Number 4

You are a true dreamer if number four is the butterfly that caught your eye. You have had big dreams for as long as you can remember, even as a little kid. This often manifests into long daydreams that cause you to procrastinate over the chores and duties that need to be done. Some people may look at you as air-headed or silly because you often talk about your hopes and dreams out loud.

However, you refuse to settle for anything that isn’t exactly what you want. You know what you like and you will do your best to make sure that you get it. You have faith in yourself and the world around you because you know that dreams really CAN come true when you work hard enough for them.

Number 5 abbas

If you picked number 5, you are an orderly and meticulous person. You love for things to be in order and hate when your life is in chaos. You want everything to be neat and clean, from your car to your home to your office space. You’re also very disciplined when it comes to relationships and loved ones. You always make sure that everyone is happy and content and if they are not, you will consider every logical step to fix the problem.

You have an analytical mind that looks at any problem from all angles until you can figure out the solution. You’re also kind and helpful to everyone around you, but you won’t hesitate to speak your mind when you think the situation calls for it.

Number 6

Picking number six shows that you love to be in love. The whole world is roses and sunshine to you! Your goal is to be happy and joyful every day, even when you run into hard times. You love everyone and everything around you and hate to see someone sad. You often view the world with rose-colored glasses on- you can’t believe that anything could ever be that bad!

This makes you vulnerable at times, as the world will often hit back when you are least expecting it. However, you always bounce back with a cheerful attitude. Nothing can get you down for long. You won’t let it! Life is about happiness and you are determined to get your fill. Just don’t let this attitude keep you from seeing things as they really are.

Number 7

If you choose number seven, you are one of the most adventurous individuals out there. You get bored easily if you aren’t doing something new and exciting. Sitting at the same job day after day is not for you. You are always stirring things up and trying to add some excitement to your life, no matter what you have to do to achieve it!

You’re the life of the party and have a lot of friends who care about you. Everyone wants to be around you- that is because you are a very charismatic and lovable soul. Just remember that every day cannot hold a new adventure. Sometimes it is okay to be predictable!

Number 8

If butterfly number 8 is your favorite, you have a colorful personality that is creative and needs to express itself. You have a lot to give and your ideas deserve to be shown to the world. You have so many facets and you might probably have not even found out about all of them yourself yet.

You are a source of inspiration for many people and you deserve to let your creativity fly just as colorful as this beautiful butterfly. 

Which butterfly did you pick? Were the results what you expected? Let us know in the comment section and then pass this test on to your family and friends to spread the fun and see what butterfly they choose!