Choose A Feather And It Will Reveal Some Hidden Traits Of Your Personality

Jan 01, 2019 by apost team

The Feather Test is a fun way to think about who you are and what kind of life might be your best life. It's fine if you don't agree with everything, as long as it gets you thinking.

Pick your favourite feather

Do you feel drawn to one of the feathers in the picture above? Pick the one you like the best and get some insight into who you are. Time to scroll down and read what your favourite feather says about you.

1. Simple Black Feather Doros

This is a crow feather. It appeals to people who strongly prefer minimalism and don't like distractions. They need quiet spaces in which they can hear themselves think, yet may still be drawn to the sophistication of city life. Ironically, simplicity can be a bold, dramatic statement. Don't mistake it for being boring. Our tip for you: Make things as simple as they need to be, but no simpler. Don´t sell yourself under value. 

If you are superstitious, there's no reason to be concerned about the crow's association with death. In tarot readings, the Death card is a symbol of change. The old part of your life must "die" so that new things can be born. You cannot move on to better things until you have buried and mourned those things passing away. This is true whether you are graduating college and going from full-time student to full-time career or getting married and setting aside your bachelor days.

2. Shimmering Feather

These are the feathers of a hummingbird. They appeal to people who are both restless and carefree. You prefer to be footloose and free to go adventuring at the drop of a hat. In this day and age, you might be a remote worker who can live wherever you choose. You might even be a digital nomad whose means of work can be stuck in a backpack and taken almost anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet and a means to get plugged in from time to time.

If you stay in one place, you are probably drawn to the big city, bright lights because you get bored. You want to try all the new restaurants and you can't do that in a small town. There isn't enough new stuff happening. If you move around, you are probably checking the local places with unique character instead of sticking to the familiar chain restaurants. You likely wonder why on earth people would go new places, only to eat the same things they could eat at home.

3. Colourful Feather

This is the feather of a peacock and you probably knew that as it might be one of the most famous sorts of feathers. You are drawn to beauty, enough so that you are an artist at heart, and possibly in reality as well. Or perhaps you work in an artsy field, such as graphic design or simply want to be surrounded by colour and variety.

You are a social creature, and it matters to you to be able to impress your friends. You want to be where the action is. In your mind, that probably means where you can find a concentration of people, like a dance club or a business networking event. You are all about building social capital, and you have to have social connections to do that.

4. Conservative Feather

This is the feather of an eagle. It speaks to the type of person who likes security. You probably dream of a corporate or political job, something that involves wearing a blue business suit or perhaps a uniform and that has a retirement plan attached to it. You can't let your hair down and party unless all the bills are paid. You probably are waiting for retirement to get down and go wild. Until then, you are reliable and steadfast and trustworthy.

Your vacations are probably planned in advance. You may be the type of person with everything coordinated in a calendar. If people will relate to you on your terms, you are well worth knowing. If they think you are too stuffy, well, they are welcome to go stuff themselves. It isn't any fun if you have to worry what the downside is. The people who are telling you to take a chance just don't get it. And that's fine. They don't need to get it. You probably don't really care that much what they think anyway.

5. Flamboyant Feather

This is the feather of an Ostrich. You can be a larger-than-life character. You prefer to be part of something bigger than just you. You likely know exactly what "servant leadership" is because you live to serve. What's the point in life if you aren't a part of something grander?

You understand that big projects take time. They can take many years to develop and whatever you thought you were getting into is merely scratching the surface. While others are complaining that it's too hard, you are going deeper, brushing up on the skills you need to up your game and take it as far as it can go. No halfsies for you. You go all in.

You are often respected for your wisdom and experience. You aren't afraid to bite off more than you can chew. You live life with gusto. You believe that if you've never had your heart broken, then you've never really given it your all. Reticence is not your thing.

6. Unconventional Feather

These are the feathers of a parrot. You are a colourful and unconventional person. Above all else, you crave variation in life. You are a restless, carefree spirit who definitely seeks out adventure and novelty. Mainstream is not your thing, you are drawn to the new, the outrageous and the creative. You always seem to reinvent yourself every few years and might be known in your circle of friends as the one, who is always busy with interesting projects.

You can be counted on to come up with innovative solutions to life’s challenges. Life for you needs to be rich and colourful. That means you cultivate surroundings that are varied in texture and hue; you are an artist at heart or at least appreciate art. You have a wide assortment of friends and acquaintances as you have so many different interests and could even be called a "social butterfly". Adventure seems to beckon from every corner of the world, and you have a chronic case of wanderlust. People love that you bring verve and zest to everything you do.

How well did the result describe your personality? Do you get drawn to more than one feather? Remember, life is not black and white and you might feel different from day to day. Pass this fun test on to your friends and loved ones so you can see how accurate the quiz really is. We would love to hear what you think about your results in the comments, as well.