Choose A Fall Sweater In Your Favorite Color And Learn Something Beautiful About Yourself

Sep 28, 2017 by apost team

Forget the colors of the wind. We're talking about fluffy cuddles here! One of our favourite things about autumn is a new colour scheme and all of the big chunky sweaters you can wear! There is something so comforting about autumn color tones and everyone has their favorite. Pick what color your favorite sweater would be in and learn something about yourself.

1. Eburnean: You are a gentle, pure soul and your your smile is among the most incredible qualities that people remember about you.

2. Bisque: You have a kind, nurturing nature that often manifests in thoughtfulness, you understand the impact that the "little things" can leave upon another soul.

3. Sarcoline: You wear your intentions on your sleeve. Your easy-going nature encourages others to open up to you.

4. Fallow: You are an individual who is approachable, honest and down to earth. You likely favor small gatherings over loud crowds.

5. Gamboge: You are a powerful personality. No matter what you put yourself to, it is an endeavor that draws all eyes toward you.

6. Fulvous: You have a quiet nature that takes time for people to appreciate. The people you can open up to are always better for it.

7. Mikado: You are a scintillating individual who seems to bring luck and fortune upon all you deal with.

8. Banan: You are a joyous individual whose sense of humor cuts through the worst moods. People rarely leave you worse than when you met them.

9. Coquelicot: You are a person of extremes. You go all out when seeking excitement, you have no issue with just relaxing.

10. Amaranth: You are a deeply passionate soul whose personality can bewilder some. You are quick to forgive transgressors but it takes you forever to forget.

11. Razzmatazz: You are a joyous soul who is always ready for a good time, whether you are the host or just a guest.

12. Damask: You are an old soul who admits that few good things last forever. That fact just inspires you to embrace the good times often.

13. Sinoper: You are a level-headed individual who is honest to a fault. People are drawn to your honesty and loyalty.

14. Titian: You are a warm and inviting soul who keeps a level head in all endeavors and greatly favors the day over the night.

15. Falu: You are a person who would rather lead than follow and you have the confidence to inspire others to your side.

16. Incarnadine: You are an old soul who appreciates the effect of aging and maturation, be it in your food, your style or your romantic pursuits.

17. Wenge: While you may know a few solid, earthy souls, your soul marries those traits with a vibrant streak of boundless energy.

18. Smaragdine: You are a bold soul who seems to be favored by Lady Luck, just remember to appreciate your merits more than those of others.

19. Watchet: You are a solemn, watchful soul who finds solace in the quiet and the time of night between dusk and evening.

20. Labrador: While it may take some time to earn your admiration, you are valiantly loyal to those people you call "friend."

21. Nattier: You are an old soul who seems to find more enjoyment when by yourself than from carousing with large groups of people.

22. Glaucous: You are an old soul who prefers to take your time in order to better enjoy the experience and the people around you.

23. Smalt: While some may find you melancholic, you simply have an appreciation for the people that most would ignore or barely even notice.

24. Zaffre: You are a deep soul with a magnetic personality. Your time is likely occupied by people asking your opinion on all manner of subjects.

25. Cattleya: Despite your natural charisma, few would consider you "haughty." You like the finer things, provided you can enjoy them with others.

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