Chip And Joanna Gaines Donate Earnings From Their Business To Victims Of The Recent Mass Tragedies

Chip and Joanna Gaines are stars famously known for their television show “Fixer-Upper” on HGTV. The couple has an array of businesses that include Magnolia Market, a place in Waco, Texas to inspire individuals in design and home decor. Chip and Joanna recently announced in light of the mass shootings, Magnolia will be donating some of its profits to help the victims of the tragedies.

As Texas residents, Chip and Joanna were deeply saddened by the catastrophes that happened in the last week across the U.S. Their twitter account for Magnolia released a statement: “This past week's events were incredibly difficult. We cannot begin to comprehend the loss that the communities in Texas, Ohio, California and Mississippi must be feeling. Our hearts are breaking and we feel the need to quickly offer whatever tangible support we can.”

Joanna and Chip started Magnolia in 2003, but closed it so they could focus on their family and construction business, they were finally able to reopen the shop in 2014 and turn it in to so much more.

“Chip and I run a few businesses here in Waco, Texas, but Magnolia Market holds a special place in my heart. This entire business idea was born completely out of a dream I didn’t know could ever come to life. It’s truly only because a fiercely faithful, brave and bold husband pushed me to pursue my dream that it ever came to be,” Joanna wrote on Magnolia’s website

Magnolia’s twitter account also shared a message with more details on their contribution efforts: “Magnolia Market will be donating net profits from this past weekend’s sales to organizations helping the victims, their families & the communities impacted by the recent tragedies. We're organizing a blood drive in Waco for Magnolia employees & visitors in the upcoming days.”

Desiree Navarro/WireImage/Getty Images

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