Children's Choir Sings Rendition Of 'You Raise Me Up' By Josh Groban In Wide Open Field

Sometimes a song can capture emotions that are hard to express in any other way. The song "You Raise Me Up", which was a big hit for singer Josh Groban, is just such a song. Recently, a video featuring a new rendition of the tune being sung by the COLOR MUSIC children's choir is gaining in popularity.

Although Josh Groban's rendition of the song is the version that most people have heard, the origins of the song go back much further. The song's melody is inspired by the classic Irish song  "Londonberry Air" which many would recognize from yet another Irish tune, "Danny Boy." The lyrics in the current version of the song were first penned by the group Secret Garden in 1977 using a musical composition by Rolf Loveland.

The lyrics of the song, including powerful lines like "You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains, You raise me up to walk on stormy seas," combine with the soaring musical composition to create an experience that resonates with people from many different cultures and decades.

A video performance of the song as performed by the children's choir COLOR MUSIC is getting noticed because of the combination of the classic song with the clear and strong voices of the children, which adds yet another layer of beauty and power.

Songs like "You Raise Me Up" speak to the ability deep within all of us to overcome difficult circumstances, often with the help of those we love. Pass this story to someone you know who is facing long odds as a reminder that they can also overcome their struggles with support from friends and family.