Child Hugs Stranger As He Recognizes They Both Have Limb Differences

A young child who was born with a congenital abnormality met up with a woman with a similar condition. Their meeting has become a viral story that has made thousands of people smile.

Story Trender reported on the story of Colleen and Miles Tidd, parents from Orlando, Florida. They knew that their baby was going to be born with a physical limitation, but they were determined to make his life as full as possible. Little Joseph was born with a condition that left his left arm undeveloped.

When Joseph was just a year old, Colleen decided to arrange a local gathering for men and women with limb differences to come together through the Lucky Fin Project. The local park is where Joseph and Amy Alamillo Siesel met for the very first time.

Amy is 34-years-old and was born with a condition similar to the one Joseph has. Her mother had taken anti-sickness medication during her pregnancy, causing Amy to suffer from unanticipated side effects in utero. Amy came to the United States from Mexico to continue her specialized treatment.

While in the park, Amy decided to “fist bump” Joseph with her affected arm. When the little boy went to reciprocate, he instantly realized that Amy was also missing a hand. That prompted him to open up his arms and fall into the arms of his new friend. Joseph then put his little head on her shoulder.

Amy is also a mother, according to Story Trender. She is working as a part-time teacher’s aide at the moment. When asked about the fist bumping, she said that she was curious to see if Joseph recognized their similarities. She said she could tell he truly did understand.

"There was a special connection there, an understanding Joseph had that we were the same,” Siesel told Click Orlando.

She said that she was simply amazed that he was able to recognize how similar they were. His innocence was overwhelming to Amy, and she stated that just thinking about the encounter leaves her in tears.

Joseph’s mother also commented on the encounter. She said that Joseph seemed to instantly realize that they were very much alike. After watching a video of the meeting, Colleen and Miles both agreed that Joseph really did recognize their shared difference.

The Lucky Fin Project hopes to help anyone who has a limb difference to celebrate and support one another. The organization also offers financial support to many children who may need help with prosthetics. You can watch the heart-warming video for yourself below.

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