‘Cheap’ Bride Serves Only One Chicken Tender Per Guest At Wedding Leaving Attendees Horrified

Sep 14, 2021 by apost team

It’s no surprise that weddings are typically pretty expensive. From picking out gorgeous flower arrangements to hiring a band to catering a nice meal, weddings are full of luxuries that are expected to surpass everyone’s expectations. The average price of a wedding in the United States in 2021 is $22,500. Although this total has gone down pretty significantly in the past few years, it is still a hefty chunk of change that someone needs to pay.

While tradition states that the bride’s family should foot the bill, this is not always the case. Nowadays the bill is sometimes split between the bride’s family and the groom’s family, or even between the couple themselves. For one mother, she found herself being forced to pay for essentially everything at her son’s wedding since the bride’s family wouldn’t chip in. The bride seemed to just expect to get everything handed to her and handled for her, and she couldn’t even muster up a thank you to the groom’s mother.

After spending more than $10,000 for the wedding, the mother of the groom found herself having to fix yet another problem with the wedding — the catering. When she went to pick up the food for the ceremony, she found that the bride had only ordered 200 chicken tenders for 200 guests; each guest would only get to eat one chicken tender for the entire dinner. A friend of the groom’s family posted about the situation on Reddit on May 28, 2021, leaving people completely horrified at the entire ordeal.

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Although the original poster (OP) wasn’t involved with the wedding, she started off her Reddit post by explaining that she heard all the “gory details” from the groom’s mother. After the bride picked her sister-in-law as her maid of honor, she expected her to pay for a bachelorette party over the course of three days. Since the sister-in-law couldn’t afford it, the groom’s mother decided to pay for the entire weekend despite not even being invited.

On top of that, the groom’s mother also booked the church venue and paid for it, as well as many other necessary items for the wedding. OP said the price came to more than $10,000, and everything wasn’t even done yet. “Bride’s parents haven’t paid for ANYTHING,” she said.

The worst part was that the couple didn’t properly plan to get enough food for the amount of guests they invited. A total of 200 people said they were coming to the wedding, but there definitely wasn’t even food to feed them all. “It’s 200 chicken tenders,” OP said. “That’s it. That’s all the food they’ve thought to order for the wedding.” The reception was also set to have an open bar and, of course, a wedding cake.

The mother of the groom immediately began freaking out and starting scrambling, calling catering companies to see if she could manage to get some more food. Fortunately, one company was able to help. Once the bride heard, she asked if she could see the menu before anything was ordered. She didn’t even thank her future mother-in-law for working so hard to help make the wedding as perfect as possible.


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After updating her post, OP gave Reddit users even more juicy details about the big day. “Food-wise, caterers pulled through and they had a full meal,” OP explained. Unfortunately, not everything else went exactly as planned. OP continued, “HOWEVER, there was an entirely separate disaster… the father of the groom had a seizure at the very start of the ceremony and the entire church had to be cleared out so paramedics could come in and get him out via ambulance.” 

Despite such a horrific moment, the bride insisted the ceremony continue, and got upset with people who tried to update the groom about his father’s condition. Proving to constantly be a beacon of light, the mother of the groom checked in with the couple days after the wedding to see if the medical emergency ruined the ceremony. OP wrote, “According to the bride, the wedding was fabulous. Eternal face palm.”

Reddit users agreed that the bride was being extremely cheap and tacky with her original menu plan, and even wondered why the groom’s mother was so willing to help out as much as she did. OP explained, “She realizes now she’s been manipulated but feels humiliated about the whole thing.” One user commented that they had been to several weddings where the couple served either pizza or a taco bar, and they were all amazing. “This mess? This is not OK,” the Redditor said. Even if the meal isn’t as luxurious as some people would like, it’s still up to the couple getting married to make sure that their guests are given enough food that constitutes a meal.

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What do you think about this cheap bride and the meal she had planned for her guests? What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had at a wedding? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family members and friends, too!

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