'Charlie's Angels' Star Jaclyn Smith Shows Off Her Timeless Beauty In Stunning Photographs

Nov 23, 2022 by apost team

Jaclyn Smith quickly rose to fame and became a household name in the 1970s. Smith portrayed Kelly Garrett on the television series "Charlie's Angels." The series followed the crime-fighting adventures of three women detectives a part of a private detective agency owned by a wealthy businessman named Charlie. The original Charlie's Angels were  Kate JacksonFarrah Fawcett (billed as Farrah Fawcett-Majors), and Smith. Smith was the only cast member from the original Charlie's Angels to stay on the series till its end in 1981. 

The iconic series propelled Smith into a long-lasting career in Hollywood. Shortly after the show ended, Smith was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Film for the lead role of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in the television film "Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy." The "Charlie's Angels” star went on to star in several miniseries and television films, including “Rage of Angels” (1983), “George Washington” (1984), “The Bourne Identity” (1988), and “Kaleidoscope” (1990). In 1989, the small screen icon received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Golden Globe-nominated actress reprised her role as Kelly Garrett for notable cameos in the film “Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle” and “Charlie’s Angels.” Smith is the only member a part of the original cast to return to the series. 

Along with her dazzling acting abilities, the "NightKill" star is highly regarded for her fashionable style and ageless appearance. The Hollywood actress shocked fans when she posted a youthful photo of herself. Continue to read how the 77-year-old actress maintains her timeless beauty.

Jaclyn Smith (1978), (Saxon/IMAGE/Getty Images)

Jaclyn Smith believes beauty is more than skin deep. The actress is an advocate for clean and healthy living. Smith explained to Better Nutrition how she and her husband, Brad Allen, sustain an enjoyable healthy diet. 

"We're very proactive with health," she said. "So we eat lots of fruits and vegetables. We do eat meat and chicken and fish, but in a balanced way."

She confessed that she does have cheat meals.  

"Every now and then you have to splurge or you go cuckoo," she told the outlet.

Along with her clean eating lifestyle, Smith has built an effective skincare regimen. The iconic actress shares several tips and tricks to maintain one's health and beauty during her interview with the First For Women

"You want to find a moisturizer that doesn't separate makeup," she explained. "That way, you can take a sponge and dab a little moisturizer on over your makeup and it refreshes it. It gets into the lines and brings out more color and vibrancy to your skin so it doesn't look dry. I often reapply this way midday if I have to go somewhere." 

Although her appearance is important to her, nothing is more important than spending time with her family.

"I think as you get older, the balance of things is more important. I don't want to miss the moments," Smith said. "If anything recharges me or keeps me sane or keeps me grounded, it has to be my family. I don't know how you make it if you don't have your loved ones. To have a sense of the value of time and loved ones is the best part of life."


Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett (1976), (FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives/Getty Images)

Smith's strong relationship with her friends and family has helped her through the darkest times in her life. 

The actress opened up about her battle with breast cancer in an interview with FoxNews. After hearing the news, she remembers her first question was how this would affect her family. 

"My first question was, 'Will I be here for my children?' And he said, 'Absolutely. You got this early, we'll take care of it.'" She told the outlet. "Did it affect our whole family? Yeah. They were in denial. I looked like the healthiest person in the world."

Smith referred to herself as "lucky" to have her friends and family during the trying time. 

"I had a girlfriend who went through breast cancer and she was... by my side. I didn't go to an appointment without her," she recalled. "I was lucky… My first reaction was to take my breasts out. But it made sense for me to have a lumpectomy. (My husband) was there for me, as was my doctor."

For Smith, having a support group composed of family and friends helped her to cope with the reality of her situation. Smith told Woman's Day that Strength in Knowing's ability to connect cancer patients with others is the biggest thing that attracted her to the organization. 

"Strength in Knowing will connect women to other women and to information," she said. "They can visit the website daily and feel like there's someone there. That's important because, hey, it's pretty traumatic when something like this happens."

In an effort to make cancer patients feel beautiful again, Smith partnered with celebrity hairstylist José Eber and his glam team to give makeovers to women battling cancer. In addition, Smith donated wigs from her collection for the cause.

Jaclyn Smith (2019), (SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images/Getty Images)

Throughout her career, Smith has encouraged women to let their beauty flourish from the inside out. According to her site, JaclynSmithBeauty.com, Smith's philosophy about beauty is a "synergistic approach." Smith believes "beauty is not limited to the products she uses but is an integral part of a lifestyle of healthy choices, and an easy to follow routine, that has ensured that her beauty continues unimpaired, defying time."

Smith's balanced and intricate lifestyle choices seem to be working. On May 2, 2022, the actress posted a simply stunning photo of herself on her Instagram. Commenters couldn't help but point out her flawless skin.

The actress posted a casual photo of herself wearing a pair of jeans and a white blouse. Her ageless, smooth skin and toned physique caught many fans' attention. 

"I always love spending time with my dear friend @patrickseanf," she captioned the photo. 

"He is a true friend, a friend that sees more in you than you see in yourself. That's something you can't put a price on...always offering insight, the right solution to whatever you are trying to solve. My forever friend who I love, and who I can always count on to make me laugh."

Her followers urgently took to her comments section to rave about her youthful appearance.

"Most beautiful woman in the world," a commenter wrote.    

This isn't the first time the ageless actress's youthful appearance caused a social media frenzy. In December. 2021, the actress posted a picture of herself with her son Gaston on Instagram. She captured the mother-son photo: "My Son-Shine!" Her followers were quick to point out how young she looked. 

"Has to be a sibling, not your son!" a commenter wrote. "You are as beautiful as you were in the 70's - what is your secret?"

Jaclyn Smith (2019), (SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images/Getty Images)

Smith has continued to amaze fans with her effortless and timeless beauty. According to Express, Smith’s looks are not the result of invasive beauty treatments such as Botox, but instead more natural approaches. She even uses her own fat to make her face appear plumper.

Speaking about Botox, Smith explained, “I’m afraid of it. My husband says if you do Botox over and over, it totally collapses the muscle. You can overdo it in this town like nobody’s business… it’s not a good look.”

The actress continued, “I don’t believe in fillers and I haven’t done any cutting.” She actually considers focusing on appearances to be “superficial.”

However, during an interview with Extra, Smith shared that her beauty line includes ingredients that allegedly help skin appear to look more youthful, such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants.

Still, fans can’t get over how great Smith still looks! So when the actress posted a stunning set of photographs of herself on Instagram on Nov. 17, 2022, it wasn’t surprising when fans complimented her effortless looks.

Smith captioned her post, “This versatile light weight V-neck cardigan can be worn on its own or styled as a layering piece.”

Many people told the star how great she looked, with one commenter summing it up well:

“I have always been a fan watching you on Charlie’s Angels since I was a little girl and I’m just in awe of your inner beauty that shines through and gives you the luminous glow that makes you stunning no matter how much time passes!!”

What do you think about Jaclyn Smith's youthful appearance? Do you believe her ageless look can be attributed to her healthy and balanced lifestyle? Pass this along to your friend so they can see how the "Charlie's Angels” star hasn't aged a day since the series premiered.

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