Charley Pride's Son Dion Pays Tribute To Him With "Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'" At Texas Show

Charley Pride's career goes back to the early 1950s and continues to this day at the age of 86. It is a career that has seen some impressive milestones that included him becoming one of the few African Americans to gain membership to the country music institution known as the Grand Ole Opry. 2000 was another major milestone for the legendary musical performer as he became a part of the Country Music's Hall of Fame.

The music legend was recently given another major honor at a show that took place in Texas. What made this honor so special is that it was given to him by his son Dion. The honor came in the form of Dion performing his father's legendary hit song "Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'".

A Classic Hit Song That Continues to Resonate With Music Fans

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"Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'" is perhaps the song most closely associated with the career of Charley Pride. He first released the song back in 1971 and it still delights music fans to this day. This made it all the more emotional when his son Dion performed his rendition of the classic.

Much More Than a Music Legend

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Though Charley Pride is famous for his music career, he is just as happy being known as a proud father of three. He has also been proud of the way that his son Dion has taken up the musician's trade. This has included Dion's participation as a member of Charley's band over the years. Dion's musical career has also seen him work as the opening act for his father. A song that he co-wrote alongside his father has also been featured on a Charley Pride album.

A Son Who Is Proud to Continue the Legacy of His Father

Dion has been a proud performing member of his father Charley's band for some time but he is also a talented songwriter and performer in his own right. His performances of his own songs have started to gain him his own following. This inspired him to launch his own tour that has taken him across the globe. He has also proudly performed in front of military troops at various USO shows.

A recent Texas performance saw Dion join forces on stage with fellow musician Lorrie Morgan. The pair performed a moving tribute to Dion's father Charley Pride that saw them sing a heartfelt rendition of his legendary song "Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'" It was one of those moments that made an emotional impact on the live audience and on the countless people who have seen it on video.

A Texas Show Takes on a New Level of Significant for a Proud Son

A point that many have noted is the fact that Dion's voice reminds them of Charley while still having its own distinctive character as well. The chorus of the song saw Dion and Lorrie singing the lyrics together and the effect it had on the crowd was obvious. There is no doubt that the musical talent possessed by Charley has been handed down to his son. Another fact that there can be little doubt about is the fact that Charley is immensely proud of his son.

There is something truly emotional about hearing the son of a music legend pay tribute to his father by performing his most iconic song. This was certainly the case when a Texas audience was treated to a beautiful rendition of "Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'" by Dion Pride and Lorrie Morgan.

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