Challenge: Declutter Your Home In Just 30 Days - Here's How To Do It

It is easy to put off cleaning your home. We are all busy with work, school and family responsibilities. Each month, you put off cleaning and de-cluttering your home for another day. Before long, you have a house that is full of old, broken or dirty items. 

Interestingly, clutter does not just impact the cleanliness of your home. There is a mental cost as well. According to psychological research, messy homes and offices leave people feeling helpless, anxious and overwhelmed. Clutter can actually worsen the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Chronically messy or cluttered rooms were linked to higher levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol. 

The 30-Day De-Clutter Challenge 

Thankfully, you do not have to live with the clutter forever. You also do not have to spend days and days cleaning your home. With this 30-day challenge, you spend a few minutes a day de-cluttering your home. By the last day of the challenge, your home will be painlessly clean and clutter-free.

1. Empty The Junk Drawer

This is probably the worst section of the home for clutter. Over time, your junk drawer becomes filled with items you never use. If you have not used  something for at least three months, toss it out because you probably do not need it. 

2. Toss Out Closet Items You Never Wear

It is time to take all of your unused clothes to the thrift store. If you have not worn something recently, toss it out. 

3. Rethink Your Movie Collection

Obviously, you will want to keep your favorites if you actually watch them over and over again. If you have movies that you have not watched forever, toss them out. 

4. Clean Out The Television Stand

The next step is to sort through your television stand. Old movies and cables are lurking on the television stand, but you probably do not need all of them. You will not be able to relax completely if a bunch of old items are cluttering up your television stand. 

5. Look At Your Mail Pile

This is a common problem. You keep some of your mail, newspapers or advertisements because you think that you might need them later. If something is important, file it away somewhere safe. For everything else, toss it out. You can also prevent your mail pile from becoming cluttered again by signing up for electronic billing. 

6. Clean The Kitchen Table

Remove everything from your kitchen table. While it might seem like an extra storage space at times, the table is for eating and quality time. 

7. Clean Out Two Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets tend to absorb clutter, so cleaning out all of them could take days. Instead, start with just two cabinets. Remove any dishes, plates or towels that you never use. 

8. Get Rid Of Your Old Books

Once you read a book once, you are unlikely to use it again. Your old books can be sold at a yard sale or donated at a thrift store. 

9. Clean Your Wallet

This is another common location for clutter. Go through your wallet. Get rid of old business cards, empty gift cards and old receipts that you no longer need. 

10. Clean Up Your Purse

Purses tend to absorb all of your old trash, lip balms and tissues. Grab your trash can and begin going through your purse. Leave in just the essentials. If something is not essential, get rid of it. 

11. Purge Items From Your Makeup DrawerАндрей Елкин

Next, grab your makeup drawer or makeup bag. Remove any lipsticks, eyeliners or other products that you never use. 

12. Remove Empty Shower Containers

It is time to hit the shower. Most people have empty or nearly empty bottles of shampoo and soap in their shower. If something is almost empty, toss it out. 

13. Clean Out Your Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets can end up holding empty toothpaste tubes, wrappers and loose hair. Clean out anything that you do not absolutely need. 

14. Look Through Your Shoes

Gather together your family's shoes. If something is old or broken, throw it away. If you have new shoes that are never worn or do not fit, donate them. 

15. Clean Out Two More Kitchen Cabinets

Head back to the kitchen and pick two more cabinets. Clean out anything that you do not need. 

16. Rethink Your Linen Closet

Sort through your linen closet for things that you do not need. If something is old or torn, toss it out. Then, fold and put away everything that is left. 

17. Organize Your Medicine Cabinet Ryan

If a medication is expired, it is time to throw it away. Clean out anything that you do not need and organize everything that is left. 

18. Purge Your Freezer

Frozen food might keep forever, but you do not actually need all of it. Get rid of anything that is expired or that you do not plan on eating. 

19. Clean Up Your Kitchen Counters

When you are done cleaning off your counters, nothing should remain on them expect appliances like coffee pots. Get rid of dirty glasses and leftover food. Wash any dishes and put them away. When you are done, your counters should sparkle. 

20. Clean Out Another Junk Drawer

If you have more than one junk drawer, it is time to sort through and clean the other one out as well. 

21. Clean Out Your Fridge

Go through your fridge and look for expired food. Toss out anything that is rotting, old or unnecessary. 

22. Clean Two More Kitchen Cabinets

Tackle two more kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen should be almost completely clean by now. 

23. Toss Out Unnecessary Accessories

Go through all of your old hats, gloves and jewelry. Throw out anything that you never wear. If the item is still fairly new, you can also donate it to someone in need. 

24. Clean Your Car

A de-cluttered lifestyle also involves your car. Grab a garbage bag and head out to your vehicle. Remove any trash that you find. Vacuum the car and scrub down the interior. 

25. Throw Out Old Toys

Kids are a humongous source of mess and clutter. Since your children are unlikely to happily throw away their toys, wait until they are gone and get rid of old items. If your children are older, you can also ask them to go through their toys and donate anything that they do not need. 

26. Organize The Remaining Toys

Design a toy bin for all of the remaining toys. Tell your children that anything left out of the toy bin will be taken away temporarily or thrown away permanently. Once your children realize that you are serious about throwing away their toys, they will clean up more often. 

27. Purge Your Board Games Macdonald

Look through your game consoles and board games. Purge anything that you do not need. Then, organize any board games that remain. 

28. Clean Up Your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies can easily become cluttered. Remove empty bottles. For a more natural home, consider replacing your cleaning supplies with natural alternatives. 

29. Clean Out Two More Cabinets 

If you have any more kitchen cabinets left to purge, clean them up today. 

30. You Are Finished! Weltjen

Now, your lifestyle is completely de-cluttered. From now on, it will be much easier to keep your house clean. 

If you successfully purged your house of old items, let us know how it turned out. Show this article to your friends and family to challenge them to declutter their lives!