CEO Hand-Writes 9,200 Employee Birthday Cards Every Year

Dec 05, 2019

CEOs of big companies are by nature hardworking and determined, but the chief of one company wants his workers to know that he genuinely cares for them as well.

Sheldon Yellen is the CEO of Belfor Holdings, a property restoration firm. Sheldon began working for the company in 1985, having been hired by his brother-in-law.

To avoid the appearance of nepotism, Sheldon began writing birthday cards to everyone at the company, letting them know that he was there for them and had a stake in Belfor Holdings’ future.

As he rose through the ranks, Sheldon continued writing birthday cards to everyone at the company, later writing cards for anniversaries and other special occasions as well. In total, Sheldon writes 9,200 birthday cards every year for each and every one of his employees.

Belfor Holdings recently shared a photo of Sheldon working on one of his cards on their Instagram page, a post that has thus far been like nearly 200 times. The message attached to the post thanks Sheldon for making everyone at Belfor Holdings feel special.

In an interview with Business Insider, Sheldon talked to reporters about all the cards he has written in his time with the company. Sheldon says that inherently, his card writing is just a random act of kindness.

Giving the example of a thank you card he recently wrote, Sheldon says that it is designed to let his employees know that he appreciates all the work they do to help make Belfor Holdings a success.

Likewise, Sheldon’s employees, who refer to themselves as the Belfor family, go out of their way to make their boss feel special too. Last year, Sheldon was touched when over 8,000 members of the Belfor family sent him handwritten notes to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Speaking with reporters from WDIV-TV in Detroit, Sheldon said that he was amazed by the company’s heartfelt gesture. When asked about his management style, Sheldon revealed that in his mind, his employees come first.

Sheldon’s reputation as a kind, caring leader earned him a spot on Undercover Boss in 2011, where he was again praised for looking out for his employees.

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