Céline Dion's 'Puffy' Appearance At The Grammys Puzzled Fans After She Was 'Painfully Thin' In the Last Years

Feb 15, 2024 by apost team

Céline Dion is a pinnacle name when it comes to the music industry. Her unique vocal tone and impressive singing abilities catapulted her into a lifetime of fame and success, with a career spanning four decades. 

Céline’s discography has shown the trials and tribulations of relationships, from the most beautiful love stories to the hardest moments of heartbreak. 

Being in the spotlight for such a long period of time is sure to be taxing on anyone, especially someone who is already facing such hardship. Fans grew concerned for the star years back when she started losing weight, her powerful voice being overtaken by her small frame.

The singer has been dealing with health complications for some time now and had to cancel her upcoming events following a heartbreaking announcement. Céline shared the news that she was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called stiff-person syndrome. 

During the announcement of her illness, Céline said that her team of doctors was still learning about stiff-person syndrome, but they finally had some answers to her frequent spasms. She said that her condition had given her difficulties with walking and the use of her vocal cords.

With Céline’s health condition, fans around the world have been sending love and support to her in these very trying times. Her sister, Claudette Dion, has shared significant updates about Céline’s condition, which had fans worrying about her deteriorating health. 

After a rare outing that saw Céline attend the 2024 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Feb. 4, 2024, to award the top prize of the night, her attendance was much discussed by the public and her fans, in particular her appearance on the evening.

Céline Dion (2019), (Marc Piasecki/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

On Dec. 12, 2023, Claudette spoke to 7 Jours Magazine and gave a rather harrowing update on the singer’s Stiff-Person Syndrome diagnosis. 

“'She's working hard, but she doesn't have control over her muscles. What breaks my heart is that she's always been disciplined,” Claudette told the publication. “She's always worked hard. Our mother always told her, 'You're going to do it well, you're going to do it properly.”

The National Health Institute explained that Stiff-person syndrome occurs when there is a disruption in the pathways of communication from the brain to the muscles, which turn rigid or stiff. Aside from muscle stiffness and spasms, the symptoms of this condition include the risk of falling down or problems with breathing.

Although there is a team of doctors aiding in her care, the progress of the research for Céline’s cure has since been slow. 

“The vocal cords are muscles, and the heart is also a muscle. This is what comes to get me. Because it's 1 out of a million case, the scientists haven't done that much research because it didn't affect that many people,” she added. 

Fans were worried about the singer’s worsening condition. 

“This is so cruel. Céline, may God bless you with a miracle and the strength to carry on,” another commented. 

The surprising update came a month after Céline was spotted in Las Vegas for the first time in public since the announcement of her diagnosis.

She was seen watching Katy Perry’s Las Vegas Residency and looking active and well when she posed for pictures with fans at the National Hockey League match between the Montreal Canadiens in November 2023 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Céline Dion (2015), (Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

In an interview with French publication Tele 2 Semaines on Jan. 20, 2024, Claudette opened up that she first began noticing her sister’s symptoms as early as the summer of 2021. 

"We know she's supported, she's an intelligent woman and we're not worried. We're not worried, because if it was very serious, we'd know about it,” she said, noting that Céline was suffering from "leg cramps" before saying that it was "a kind of twisted foot that's giving her muscle spasms in the leg."  

The symptoms started coming out in the summer of 2021, at a time when Céline was spending time out with her children in Quebec. 

"I think she's pushed herself a bit too hard and her muscles are crying out. She gives more than she's able to… It's not the first time it's happened to her.,” she recalled at the time. 

With Céline’s deteriorating health, many speculated that her voice had also been impacted. However, in a previous interview with 7 Jours in August 2023, Claudette debunked these allegations. 

“Those who claim that my sister's voice has disappeared are wrong. She sang a few notes to me over the phone and her voice is still there. I was so happy and reassured to hear it. We give all our love to our little sister, and she has confidence, just like me, in her ability to overcome this ordeal,” she confirmed. 

Fans were worried about Céline’s worsening health condition. They showered her with prayers, love and support online. 

"Bless your sweet soul, I had no idea. You have a voice of an Angel. May god heal you and get you back in stage. I’m praying really hard for you. I love you so much, keep fighting," a fan said.  

Céline Dion (2024), (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

However, on Feb. 4, 2024, Céline surprised everyone when she was announced to be a presenter at the 2024 Grammy Awards. 

The global music icon was styled by renowned stylist Law Roach in her first appearance in three months. She was dressed in a light peach-colored gown with a large sienna-hued coat and a platinum-and-diamond necklace from Tiffany & Co. She was met with thunderous applause and a standing ovation from a star-studded audience. 

“When I say that I’m happy to be here, I really mean it from my heart,” she said before she presented the nominees for Album of the Year. “Those who have been blessed enough to be here at the Grammy Awards must never take for granted the tremendous love and joy that music brings to our lives and to people all around the world. And now it gives me great joy to present a Grammy Award that two legends Diana Ross and Sting presented to me 27 years ago.”

Dion’s appearance at the Grammys was not reported on before the ceremony started. The Hollywood Reporter shared a video of her backstage at Crypto.com Arena with Roach after a special guest was teased during the ceremony. 

“This was such a special moment! On t’aime Céline,” a fan commented

“You are pure magic, @Célinedion… We adore you and are forever rooting for you. Sending you so much love. ❤️ 🇨🇦,” another gushed. 

“I honestly have no words for how magnificent it was to have her appear tonight. That was the best gift ever. Every single person should feel blessed to be in the same room as this u believable legend. She is the GOAT. And deserves the utmost respect from EVERYONE!” television host Frankie Grande said in a comment on Instagram. 

Céline Dion (2024), (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Céline’s surprise appearance at the Grammy Awards gave many a sigh of relief at finally seeing the beloved singer looking healthy again. 

Many pointed out that her appearance seemed to be better than what insiders say her health condition is. A number of fans commented about how she'd put on weight. 

“Glad to see Céline has put a bit of weight back on and looking much healthier than she did in the past couple of years,” wrote one.

“Céline Dion looks better now than she has in years. Puzzling since she has a serious illness. Wishing her the best with her health,” another wrote

“Céline is still the queen!  She actually looks really good!” a third person shared.

“She looks so amazing... This is the best i have seen her in years.. She looks healthy.. and pretty,” a fan said

“Dion looked terrific! She was so painfully thin in the recent past. A little added weight has made a big difference. I hope her health improves,” one pointed out

However, one person wondered whether the weight gain could be because of medication related to her illness:

“Saying that her face looks a bit puffy, I'm thinking, could she be on steroids for her condition?”

Besides Céline’s glaring changes in her appearance, many criticized Taylor Swift, who won Album of the Year, after she seemed to ignore Céline when she took the award from her onstage.

However, many defended Swift’s honor because they thought Swift was being respectful for taking into consideration Céline’s health condition since people diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome tend to have a heightened sensitivity toward noise, touch, and emotional distress, which could trigger muscle spasms. 

Céline Dion (2024), (Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Recording Academy/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

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