Cecily Chapman Shows Cute Picture Of Herself In Which She Looks Like Her Late Mom Beth

Nov 19, 2020 by apost team

While Cecily Chapman, daughter of the late reality star Beth Chapman, didn't give much thought as to a picture that she posted, fans saw the photo on her Instagram page and it caused a frenzy. Fans expressed how much they thought the 27-year-old beauty looked so much like her mom in the picture that it was remarkable.

Keeping Her Mom's Memory Alive In Real Life

While most people hold on to the memories of their loved ones by holding on to keepsakes, photos, et cetera, Cecily wanted her mom's memory to live on in everyone's hearts as well. As Beth's oldest daughter, Cecily has taken on the task and is doing so by honoring her mother's memory via a clothing line named "For Beth." 

The For Beth clothing line consists of hats, T-shirts, and even face masks as well. One of the cool things about the face masks is that they are constructed out of recycled water bottles and come in a variety of colored camouflage patterns.


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Ever since Beth lost her battle with cancer back in June of 2019, Cecily has made it her mission to keep her mom's legacy and memory alive in everyone's hearts. As not just the oldest of Beth's children but also the one who resembles her the most, Cecily's image alone has been keeping Beth's memory alive in the hearts of her fans.

Her Rise to Stardom and In People's Hearts

Fans came to know and love Beth as the right hand to her then-husband, Duane "The Dog" Chapman on their reality TV show called Dog The Bounty Hunter. Unfortunately, while Beth's star was rising in the spotlight, her light in real life was becoming dim as she had been diagnosed with throat cancer.

For two years, Beth fought the good fight, some of which was documented in a special that aired on A&E titled Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives. After having the cancer removed surgically, it came back the following year. Although the family's show was still being produced at the time that all of this was going on, Beth, tragically, finally lost her battle with the disease.

Fans Say Goodbye to Beth for Good

A memorial service was held for Beth in Colorado, her home, and was flooded with thousands of people, most of whom were fans who loved her as well. For the one year anniversary of Beth's passing, Cecily and the family held a memorial service for Beth in Hawaii. While fans weren't able to physically attend this one, Cecily was deeply moved by the enormous number of messages sent by millions of fans showing their support.

Not Everyone Handles Grief the Same

For Duane, the ex-husband of Beth Chapman and father to Cecily, this might be the case as he initially stated that he would never remarry after having lost Beth. And although Duane said there would never be a new Mrs. Chapman in his life, he was later found to have been involved with Moon Angell, who was not only his assistant but Beth's friend as well.

Although the relationship didn't last very long, Cecily was still hurt and shocked by the revelation. However, Duane did find love, once again, to a woman named Francie Frane, who was a widow like himself. After forming a friendship, a romance quickly followed that led the couple, Frane, 51, and Duane, 67 to become engaged.

Even When the Tides Change, Beth's Memory Still Remains

Although Duane seemed to be moving forward in his romantic life, he, along with his new fiancé and the Chapman family was present for Beth's one-year memorial celebration. And with the latest picture that Cecily posted of herself preparing to have lunch, her resemblance to her late mother, with her hair drawn up and those hazel eyes, is just uncanny. From her looks to her For Beth clothing line, Cecily will continue to remind everyone of her mother's legacy, and keep her memory alive.

What do you think about Cecily producing a clothing line in honor of her late mom? Have you lost someone very dear to you, and how do you keep their memory alive? Leave a comment down below and tell us your thoughts. Then be sure to pass on this story to honor Beth and keep her memory alive.

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