Cat With Extra Toes Due To Heterochromia Was Abandoned In The Streets Before She Became A Social Media Star

Dec 28, 2022 by apost team

There can be many reasons why people choose to own pets. Whether it be to help manage their loneliness or depression through companionship or to have an additional member of the household, pets deserve to be treated like humans. It’s a commitment, which means there’s no turning back. In fact, the moment you decide to own a pet means you are willing to give your time for them.
Owning a pet might not necessarily be a walk in the park, but it’s definitely worth it – not to mention the health benefits they can give you just walking them around or playing with them. True, some pets can be cute, which makes them more adorable – but that shouldn’t be the basis of owning one. But there are some people who choose to own one for their cuteness, which makes it sad.
Take, for instance, a cat who was abandoned by her previous owner in the streets of New York when she was just one and a half years old. While some people dream of owning pets, there are those who choose to abandon theirs. But thankfully, she found her forever home and has grown into a healthy little cat adored by many.
Born in 2014, Sansa is a snowy white cat from New York City whose fur mom Karen and her husband adopted her in 2016 after she was neglected. Plus, Karen helped her become the internet star that she is today. Currently, Sansa has more than 26,000 followers on Instagram.
When Sansa was born, she had a condition called heterochromia which means she had different-colored eyes. She was also born with a deformity called polydactyly, which means she has more toes than usual: she has six on her front paws and four and five on her hind ones.

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It was at a Petco event in Manhattan when Sansa found her new home. When Karen found Sansa, she was already suffering from anxiety. Karen, who also suffered anxiety in the past, found an instant connection with Sansa. But it took months before Sansa fully adjusted to her new life with her new fur parents.

“She was extremely fearful and timid at the start—whenever one of us opened the front door, she would bolt and flee into the closet or behind the TV console. She started to trust us after a few months and slowly started chilling closer and closer to us.,” Karen told Bored Panda.

Sansa also suffers from hyperesthesia syndrome, a type of seizure disorder that may cause them “to become suddenly aggressive and try to bite.” 

In September 2022, Sansa was hospitalized for a relapse of autoimmune hemolytic anemia. But her parents became even more determined to do anything for her because of her resiliency.

“She has consistently showed us that she is a fighter despite everything she has had to endure, so we are determined to do whatever it takes to give her a fighting chance,” Sansa’s fur parent wrote in the caption of an Instagram post.

Sansa may not be like most cats, but that’s what makes her unique and stand out among the rest of her fellow felines.

Sansa may be lucky to have found the people who welcomed her wholeheartedly into their lives, but her parents are definitely even luckier for finding an awesome cat who is both loving and sweet. What more can they ask for?

“Sansa is an incredibly sweet-natured, gentle, loving cat,” Karen said.

How did you feel after finding out that Sansa was abandoned in the streets of New York? Do you feel happy about Sansa finding a new home and becoming an Instagram star? Let us know what you think, and pass this on to anyone who might find this story interesting!

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