Cat Walks 12 Miles To Reunite With Family Who Abandoned Him, But They Sent Him To Be Euthanized

Mar 27, 2019 by apost team

Toby, the cat, has had a very rough week both emotionally and physically. The SPCA of Wake County reported that the cat had originally been adopted as a stray. Unfortunately, the existing pets didn't get along with the new addition. Toby's new owners decided to give him away almost immediately. As Toby wasn't ready to leave his new family, he walked all of the 12 miles back home. Instead of being greeted warmly by his new family, Toby was instead sent to be euthanized.

Tara Lynn, an employee for the SPCA, reported that the family brought Toby into the shelter to be exterminated. Tara was heartbroken to learn that this was the family's response after Toby's desperate journey back home. After hearing the harrowing story, the local shelter called the SPCA and refused to euthanize the cat. The organization came to the rescue right away.

Tests revealed that Toby was suffering from an immunodeficiency virus as well as a respiratory infection. Despite his illnesses, Toby was very warm and kind to the staff that cared for him. Toby was reluctant to share his living space with other cats at first, but he quickly became used to the arrangement. Toby even became one of the staff's favorite cats. Once toby made a full recovery, his photo was posted online for adoption purposes.

The shelter was inundated with calls about adopting Toby. Michele Puckett from Raleigh didn't hesitate to drive directly to the shelter. Toby and Michele immediately fell in love. Michele was actually working when she saw the social media post regarding Toby's adoption. She left work right away to secure the adoption.

Toby is now living with his new owners and two other cats. Michele has found that their initial connection didn't falter. Toby is still sweet, loving, and cuddly. He likes to rest under large pillows and has effectively taken over the bed of his owners. It's nice to know that Toby was able to find a home where he is loved and appreciated. 

Michelle is happy that Toby was saved and is now part of her family. Michele hopes that the tragic story of Toby can help bring awareness to animal mistreatment. There are many animals that are abandoned by their owners. It would be nice if more kind individuals like Michele would consider adoption. 

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