Cat Thinks The Vet Is Harming The Dog And Tries To Rescue Him

May 22, 2020 by apost team

A cat sprung into action to "rescue" a dog who it thought was getting hurt by a vet, who was giving a shot to the latter. The cat was seen biting the vet's thigh in the veterinary clinic's security footage in April.

Calico the cat (that's what we'll call her), stands behind a glass wall. The situation on the other side has piqued her interest. Literally on the outside looking in, she's probably thinking, "What are those humans with bandanas doing to that dog?"

The "humans with bandanas" are the vet and his assistant, who are about to give the dog a shot. She seems a little concerned for her fellow four-legged furball who is being handled by the humans, and her worry grows by the second.

Dogs hate going to the vet. Why? Because they don't like being poked by needles. This one is no different –the scared pup starts squirming and whining when it realizes what the vet and his assistant was about to do him.

Calico, who thinks that the humans are trying to hurt her friend, springs into action. She dashes to where they are and stands up by the table to get a closer look at what exactly they were doing to the poor pup.

When the dog struggles to break free some more, Calico pounces on the vet and bites him right in his thigh.

Calico's bite must have been really sharp. The vet let go of the dog and bends down while holding on to his leg. He looked like he was in real agony.

At this point, the protective cat has already retreated to her original position, watching as the vet groaned in pain. Despite her valiant efforts though, we're pretty sure the dog still got his shot afterward.

The moral of the story? Not all cats are jerks. Tell us stories of instances where your pet cat was protective in the comments and be sure to pass this along to your loved ones.