Cat Sweetly Comforts Upset Blind Dog Brother To Reassure Him That He’s Safe

Jim the cat understands that his brother, Bruce the dog needs extra care due to his blindness, so he regularly comforts him. Their mom caught the two of them hanging out on the puppy pillow and posted the heartwarming moment on YouTube in 2018.

Traditionally, people suggest that dogs and cats can't be friends. In some cases, that's true. However, the adorably affectionate cat, Jim, has no problem taking care of his dog brother, Bruce. Due to complications from diabetes, Bruce went blind about two and a half years ago.

Jim seems to understand that Bruce has difficulties with his vision. He's taken it upon himself to help comfort Bruce in his time of need. Having gone suddenly blind, Bruce often gets scared because of his lack of vision. Thankfully, Jim is there to help him in his time of need. Their owner caught an adorably sweet instance of this on camera recently, and it's heartwarming.

Not every dog and cat will get along, of course. Dogs and cats traditionally communicate in different ways, which can cause the two to scuffle from time to time. Since cats are often much smaller than their canine siblings, it's not surprising that they often feel overwhelmed when a dog comes bounding up to them.

Dogs will often raise a paw when they want to play. Cats often interpret this behavior aggressively and will swipe their claws at the dog in return. And while cats may attempt to show affection to dogs, it can be easily mistaken as well. A cat may headbutt and rub against a dog's legs. Some dogs may interpret this as an attempt to attach their bellies or steal their food, causing them to feel threatened. 

It's evident that cats and don't always try to fight, but simply that they have communication barriers that make getting along difficult. They are still capable of forming strong bonds, however — as is evidenced by Jim and Bruce.

In the adorable video that their owner filmed, Bruce, wrapped in his bright blue sweater, walks over to the dog bed with Jim. According to their owner, they share the bed frequently. However, it is easy to see that Bruce is somewhat scared at the beginning of the video. Bruce suffers from anxiety due to his blindness, but, thanks to Jim's help, he's able to find comfort.  

Bruce carefully nudges at Jim, potentially seeking comfort, before laying down. As soon as he was comfortable, Jim put a paw on Bruce's back in what the owner and internet commenters agree is a sweet and human-like reaction.

It's almost as if he reminds Bruce that he is there, and it will be okay. He begins slowly grooming Bruce's ear and neck, providing Bruce with enough comfort and familiarity to handle his anxiety. 

During the video, you can hear their owner ask Jim, "Yeah, is that your friend?" It's clear these two animals love each other dearly and benefit from the other's presence. When asked, the owner explained that Bruce and Jim have got along well since they first met. When Bruce went, blind Jim seemed to understand there was something wrong. He took it upon himself to be Bruce's eyes and now helps lead him around the yard and house as his near-constant companion.

These two are incredible friends. As some commenters have expressed, animals express more kindness and empathy than many humans are capable of, and this video is proof. When Bruce needed a friend, Jim was there to provide him with love and comfort. 

What do you think of this adorable display of affection between Bruce and Jim? Have you ever had a cat and a dog who cared so much about each other? Let us know what you think in the comments. The power of friendship here is incredible, and we could all take a lesson from these two, so pass this along to your loved ones.