Cat Stalks Deer But Ends Up Falling For It

May 08, 2021 by apost team

Once again, an adorable video has been found of animals meeting and becoming fast friends. This time it was something special. In this video, a cute cat stalks a deer and ends up falling in love with it in just minutes. We can’t seem to trace the origin of the 2016 video, but we loved it and had to share it.

In the video, a man’s voice can be heard as he first calls out to the deer to try and get its attention. Then he calls out to the cat, as he tries to lure it back to him. Perhaps he is worried the deer and cat will not get along. After the cat takes a leap toward the deer, it moves back suddenly like it is startled.

However, when the cat slowly creeps up, the deer seems unconcerned and continues chewing on the grass in front of him. After stopping to chew on some grass of his own, the cat makes adorable little hops in the tall grass to get closer to his new friend. He is such a brave and curious cat to approach something more than twice its size!

The cat’s instincts are good, as the deer seems to enjoy his company and continues eating his afternoon snack. It is an adorable sight straight out of a children’s story. The cat lies down in the grass and watches the deer eat. At one point, the two make eye contact and seem perfectly comfortable with each other. The video ends with the cat turning around and looking back at his owner expectantly as if to ask, “Can we keep him?”

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This video is reminiscent of another where two cats, Vance and Henry, make friends with a deer through the window of their home in May 2020. Both cats are American shorthairs, and they live with their owner in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are sitting in the dining room with their owner when a deer appears outside of the window and seems to be peaking in.

"I looked out the dining room window and that deer's face was literally in the window just looking in and Vance saw that deer and immediately ran over to the dining room window and put his paws up and just stayed there — kind of in a playful mood. The deer would move and Vance would follow the deer to kind of continue this attempt at communication. His brother Henry is a little bit shyer and was on the sidelines, but Vance really was talking to the animals,” said Johnnie Sexton, the cats’ owner, to NBC News 6.

Sexton said that occasionally a herd of deer will wander through his yard, but it is rare and something like this has never happened before. He seemed certain that his cat, Vance, was able to communicate with the deer through the window. He captured the meeting on video.

“If you listen — the audio is on — you can hear Vance doing something I’ve never heard him do before and that was some vocalizations that were directed at the deer. The deer was so entranced with Vance and would get closer to the window and put his nose on the window, and then the deer laid down in front of the window and just hung out for an hour,” he told the NBC news team.

Sexton is a pediatric audiologist, so he may be on to something about his cat’s vocalizations. He said of the video, “I watch it several times a day because it just brings about joy and peace. I think it's what we all maybe needed for a moment in time.” These two videos are so heartwarming and truly do allow us to enjoy a heartwarming moment of peace.

According to Deer Worlds, deer are loyal to their territory and this can at times cause problems when they interact with humans. People build houses and roads through their environment and this causes difficulties for the deer who still need to find food and shelter to survive. This could be the reason the deer in these videos wandered onto these people’s property.

There are dozens of different species of deer across the globe, and they are present on every continent except Antarctica, reports One Kind Planet. They can live in a range of habitats, from warm and wet rainforests to mountainous regions. They are typically found in forest environments. It is not clear what species of deer are in these videos.

The deer in the first video can be seen with short fuzzy antlers. This is because every year a deer’s antlers fall off, and when they regrow, they are initially covered in a furry coat called velvet. This velvet material is rich in nerves and blood vessels which allows the deer’s antlers to grow quickly. Deer are fascinating animals, and it is always a treat when we get to interact with them, especially up close. 

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