Cat Missing For Four Years After Earthquake Happily Reunited With Elderly Owner

May 03, 2021 by apost team

A woman lost everything after a natural disaster destroyed her home. In August 2016, an intense earthquake struck central Italy, leading to disaster and chaos for all inhabitants. An elderly woman named Dora from the town of Montemonaco was impacted harshly, losing not only her home but her beloved furry friend. Her cat had gotten frightened and fled from the disaster, leaving his heartbroken owner behind.

Humans and animals have had strong bonds for centuries, showing plenty of love, affection and gratitude for the other along the way. It’s not uncommon for owners to view their fellow pets as family and treat them with nothing but the utmost respect. Pets and their owners care for one another immensely, building strong relationships over their time together.

While cats are typically very independent creatures, they are still capable of incredible love for their owners and need plenty of care and attention. According to Almo Nature, cats view their owners as equal, building a strong and genuine friendship throughout the years of their relationship. However, it’s not unusual for cats to scare easily, as any sudden or quick movements could cause them to flee. Sadly, this was proven all too true for Dora when her sweet cat ran away.

For Dora specifically, it must have been emotionally devastating to lose her companion, who was named Mimmo, especially because the orange cat was her only family. After many years apart, however, the woman and her tiny friend were finally and happily reunited, and their beautiful reunion was captured on film. This video from April 2020 is sure to warm even the coldest of hearts. 

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The earthquake was destructive and heartbreaking for Italy. According to the Geographical Association, the earthquake in Italy reached a 6.2 magnitude level on the Richter scale, striking the central part of the country on Aug. 24, 2016. The devastation was tragic, as many towns were impacted by the natural disaster. Unfortunately, many people died and were injured in the tragedy, specifically in the towns and villages of the Central Apennines mountain range, according to the Geographical Association. The most damage occurred in places such as the Umbria, Lazio and Marche regions.

The earthquake was shortly followed afterward by yet another catastrophic strike, with a 4.8 magnitude earthquake happening two days later. Any effort that had been made to help the Italian people had been ruined by the second tremor. According to the Geographical Association, more than 500 aftershocks were recorded following the earthquake, leaving more than 4000 people homeless and in heartbreaking conditions. The last major earthquake to take place in the general vicinity was in 2009 in the nearby city of L’Aquila. This has led to questions about whether Italy was prepared to handle earthquakes, especially ones of this magnitude.

As a result, many people were left without homes or resources. According to Paws Planet, Dora thought she would never be able to find her cat, a tragic loss for the elderly woman. She had viewed her furry friend as family, finding comfort in cuddling the cat. The love was reciprocated between the two, as they cared for each other unconditionally for many years.

A short video was uploaded to YouTube on April 1, 2020, showing a miraculous reunion between the pair of friends. Dora and her cat were finally reunited, as the cat had magically found his way back to his owner. In the video, the friends touched foreheads gently, followed by the cat showing an immense amount of affection for his owner. The gorgeous orange cat received plenty of pets from his human friend as he melted into her with a sweet expression on his tiny face. The happy kitty leaned into all the love and attention he was receiving. Both Dora and her furry friend looked extremely happy to be together once again.

One of Dora’s friends went to social media to express gratitude for the beautiful reconnection. “After more than three years from the terrible earthquake, Dora (the smile of Montemonaco) and her friend Mimmo, found themselves,” the friend wrote on Facebook. The comments were just as joyful as the companions appeared to be, with posts about how beautiful the happy ending was.

Dora’s cat was in fantastic shape when he was reunited with her. He appeared to be well-fed and healthy despite being missing for such a long period of time. While it’s still unclear just where this orange kitty had disappeared to, it’s clear that he had stayed strong and healthy during his adventure back home. This happy pair was finally reunited and able to reconnect. Their strong bond and love for one another had persisted through the many years apart, and they can finally spend time together again.

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