Cat Makes Strange Noises Over Baby Monitor As Mother Checks Baby's Room She Reaches For Her Phone

For many, becoming a parent is a dream come true. For Roy and Bernita Rogers, it was a true calling. Unfortunately, the road to parenthood was not an easy one for this couple. They had three failed pregnancies and it looked like they wouldn't have the chance to be parents.

At that moment of doubt, they received a special surprise. A little furry kitten who decided to stride into their lives. That little fluffball would give them hope and play a huge role in saving their child's life a few years later.

Covered in black fur, this little kitten showed up in their backyard one day. Roy and Bernita decided to keep the kitten and named it Midnight. They focused their parenting attention on Midnight, and they were rewarded with his love and loyalty.

A few years later, Bernita became pregnant again. And this time, the happy couple had an easy pregnancy that ended with the birth of a beautiful, healthy baby girl. They named her Stacey. She was a happy newborn who loved to snuggle with her furry friend. Unfortunately, things took a bad turn.

Right after she was born, Stacey fell ill. Roy and Bernita took her to the doctor who reassured them that her illness was only due to a mild cold. They told the parents to not worry and sent them on their way. The same day, something bad happened.

Midnight came running to get Bernita's attention. Something was wrong, but Bernita couldn't understand the cause of the cat's distress. Despite his persistence, Bernita didn't react to him.

The cat wasn't going to give up. He went back into the baby's room and started to meow quite loudly. The baby monitor caught his meows and broadcast them. That's when Bernita took notice. When she went into the baby's room, she found her daughter. It wasn't good. Take a few minutes to watch this video and see what happens.

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