Cat Lands Job As Senior Mouse Catcher At A Train Station – And Becomes An International Star

Jul 07, 2021 by apost team

The team at the Stourbridge Junction Station has proven that everyone who works there really seems to love their job, and the people who choose to visit the station have been just as excited. With such a wave of happiness in the air, one might wonder just what it is about the railway station that makes it so intriguing. The answer: a ginger cat by the name of George. 

George “works” at the station as the senior mouse catcher, a very important job for the pretty kitty. People from all over have fallen head over heels for the sweet cat, and he has gained quite the following across multiple social media platforms.

A railway station worker uploaded a video detailing what everyday life is like working there, and just how great it is to have someone like George as part of the team. The video also showcased the journey to Stourbridge, along with some history about the location. Clips and images of the station itself and some of the intricate details were also seen in the video. The real star of the show though was the ginger cat who has taken on a very important role at the railway station.

With so much history at the Stourbridge Junction Station, it’s important to preserve the railway station, meaning each and every person who works there holds a valuable role in continuing to share all the amazing qualities the station has to offer. While George’s job is a silly one, the little feline’s work has made him extremely popular and loved by people all over the world.

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The Senior Mouse Catcher In Action

Stourbridge News reported that George belongs to Ian Tomlinson, the Stourbridge Junction Station’s supervisor, and he has been a permanent fixture at the station since his last owner emigrated. Since fewer people traveled in 2020, George’s social media accounts were created to help “spread a little bit of sunshine,” according to Stourbridge News, and George has already become incredibly popular on Twitter and Instagram. According to his Twitter bio, the orange cat is the senior mouse catcher and “works” at the railway station. 

With such a strong and present social media following, George can now add furry ambassador to his list of responsibilities. “Hopefully he’s brought a little bit of ginger happiness to lots of people’s lives along with some positivity and awareness for the railway environment and what makes a railway run,” a spokesperson for George said. “Life is incredibly difficult for many people at the moment and if George can raise a smile just for a second and take people’s minds off their worries then he’s done his best.”

Uploaded to the Rainham Rail Enthusiast YouTube account, a video depicted life at the station and showcased just how amazing it is to have George as a member of the team. Throughout his portion of the video, George was seen grooming his pretty coat and keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. It seems like the ginger cat has done well at his job as the senior mouse catcher, as he remained on high alert for a good portion of the video. After a long day of hard work, George rested and got ready for a much needed cat nap.

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