Cashier Stops Church Group From Paying For Food For Homeless Families — Pays Bill Himself

Mar 30, 2020 by apost team

It's well-known that volunteer organizations like the Salvation Army often struggle for funding. When times are tough, it even becomes more difficult to get donations so they can provide their service of helping those in need. 

Recently, one supermarket cashier named Patrick in North Carolina decided to do a good deed when they were shopping for food for their group, leaving him rightfully being called a hero.

Having had to cancel their major fundraiser in May 2019, representatives from the Center of Hope, a homeless shelter in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, were already low on funds. Despite this, the church circle volunteering for it recognized the desperate need for food for homeless families, especially in difficult times.

This particular Salvation Army group was still dedicated to doing their good deeds and intended to use the money they had on hand in order to provide food for the shelter as they went shopping for lasagna, salad, and bread at a local Costco, reports Fox 8

But when they were checking out at the register, the cashier unexpectedly stopped them. The bill totaled $77.55. Anna Steele, a volunteer in the circle was surprised when the employee, only known as Patrick, said 'I want to pay for it.' Gnatiuk

Anna was surprised, but she replied, 'No my circle’s paying for it, it’s covered.' 

He said, 'No I want to pay for it,' and he put his card in and he paid for it," Steele reported. He told them he had never heard of the Center of Hope before, but he recognized the circle’s mission.

The manager of the Costco said it was no surprise that Patrick had committed this selfless deed, Fox 8 continued. The good deed, Steele said, due to the fact that the Salvation Army really has no extra money to spare would "keep on giving."

Such an act of generosity was recognized and picked up by local media, but with the Costco having been so busy, Patrick was unable to be interviewed.

Be sure to watch the video below so you can understand why he is being called a hero while the country is going through dark times.

What do you think of Patrick’s selfless act? Has anyone ever done something for you during a difficult time? Please tell us about it in the comments section below, and pass along word of this show of pure generosity to your friends and family to brighten their day.