Cashier Covers Shopper's Bill With Last Remaining $20, Doesn't Know The Move Would Be Life-Changing

Dec 03, 2021 by apost team

Anyone who has worked in retail knows how hard the job can be. From spending hours and hours on your feet to dealing with rude customers, the work can be pretty exhausting and difficult at times. Fortunately, there are some people who really thrive in the industry and love to make their environment as friendly and positive as possible.

The past few years have really shown just how important retail workers and other essential workers are, and how it's important to treat them with respect. For one cashier in Houston, Texas, named Rita Jackson Burns, she wanted to put out the type of energy she hoped to receive in return. It didn't matter how long she had been working or who the customer was; she was always in a bright, cheerful mood. On top of that, Burns did her best to always make a genuine connection with as many customers as she could.

In September 2020, Burns decided to do a nice deed for a customer. The customer named Rina Liou needed some light bulbs that cost just over $12. However, Liou forgot her wallet and couldn't figure out how she was going to pay. Burns only had $20 in her bank account but offered to cover Liou's tab.

Liou was so moved by Burns's kindness that she praised her on social networks, where others raved about how much they also loved Rita Jackson Burns. Eventually, a GoFundMe was started, and it was only a matter of time until Burns's bank account was suddenly much fuller than it had ever been. Her small act of kindness went on to completely change her life.

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When Liou made a quick stop at a store to buy some light bulbs, her mood instantly sank when she realized that she had forgotten her wallet and had no other way to pay for them, according to Goalcast. Fortunately, Rita Jackson Burns, a cashier known for her kind words and actions, stepped up. She only had $20 left in her bank account but covered the $12.41 tab. She could only hope that her finances would get worked out later on.

Moved by Burns's kindness, Liou shared her experience on Nextdoor and received an endless amount of replies from others who also praised Burns for always remembering them and being so happy all the time. She had been working at the same place for 38 years and made amazing connections with her customers.

According to Goalcast, this inspired a group of neighbors to create a GoFundMe for Burns with the goal of raising $5,000 to give to their favorite cashier. After meeting their goal within 24 hours, the group raised the end goal a few more times. As of December 2021, the GoFundMe is no longer accepting donations and has reached its final total: $20,588.

Burns's small act of kindness completely altered her life, and she has continued to make sure her customers always feel welcomed and appreciated. "I try to ease their tension, too," she said. "...I just try to find something to talk to them about. To get them off their mind, maybe, just for a minute."

She added, "I try to treat people the way I want to be treated." It's clear that Burns has a heart of gold and is doing her part to make this world a better place.

A Happy Ending

According to The Washington Post, Burns said that she helped Liou because she really seemed to be in a bind. Burns said:

"I wanted to help, because I know that if I were in a bind, I'd hope that somebody else would do the same." 

After Burns helped her out, Liou promised to return the money, and she indeed kept that promise. Burns, who was 58 years old at the time, said:

"She gave me $15, plus $30 extra, and told me to put it in my bank account. She was so generous, I wanted to cry." 

Liou told The Washington Post just how much Burns's kindness meant to her that day:

"Rita saved me that day. It was the least I could do. I didn't feel guilty about borrowing her money, because I knew that I was going to pay her back. But she didn't know that. I was touched that she didn't hesitate to help me." 

When Liou set up the GoFundMe for Burns, people didn't hesitate to share their love for Burns. Liou herself wrote:

"Ms. Rita is a neighbor in the truest sense of the word. Until Walgreens and our country pays our essential workers more, let's step up to make sure Ms. Rita has more than $20 in her account. She has given us so much kindness, and we would love to show her how much she means to us."

 One woman, Sandi Mercado, who donated $25, wrote:

"Ms. Rita, your smile and kind words greeted us every time we walked into the store. On a bad day, you made us forget our troubles for a few minutes. On a good day, you shared in our laughter."

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