Carrie Underwood And Son Perform Adorable Rendition Of 'The Little Drummer Boy'

Oct 15, 2020 by apost team

It is not unheard of for children to share interests with their parents. It is quite encouraging when your child shares the same talents as you. You get an opportunity to guide and mentor him/her as he/she develops the necessary skills. What can make a parent prouder than his/her child joining him/her in an activity?

For Carrie Underwood, she had her son, Isaiah, join her in the studio to record a duet of the famous song, The Little Drummer Boy.

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The Little Drummer Boy is a popular Christmas song composed in 1941 by Katherine Kennicott Davis, an American composer. The song, adapted from a Czech folk song, started to become popular ten years after its composition. Since then, there have been many covers by musicians from different generations including Justin Bieber and Bing Crosby.

Carrie Underwood, who is a country superstar, recently released her holiday album, My Gift. The album is special as it features her five-year-old son Isaiah. The album has 11 songs, one of which is the duet with her son. It also features a duet between 37-year old Carrie Underwood and John legend.

According to Carrie, Isaiah loves music. However, although he enjoys singing, she was not sure he would agree to sing with her. The mother of two boys says when she asked Isaiah if he would go to the studio to sing with her, he gladly accepted. Although the album was great, working with her son was more impressive. He did a great job while enjoying himself. She saw the excitement and emotions in his face as he sang throwing up his hands all through.

The song has special meaning to Carrie as it reminds her of her son. According to her, the character of the “Little Drummer Boy” fits perfectly with her son. In an interview with the People, she said that Isaiah is the kind of child that would make gifts and give them to other people as the “Little Drummer Boy” did to Jesus. Singing the song with him, therefore, makes it even more special. The fact that he enjoyed singing and recording the song fills her with immense joy and pride.

Carrie and her husband, Mike Fisher, have another son, Jacob. Hopefully, when he grows up, he might join his mother and elder brother in the studio for a great song. For now, he still has some years before that ever happens, as he is only one-year-old.

Blessings in a Chaotic Year

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Every time a parent has a project with his/her child, it fills him/her with so much pride. Carrie highlights her project with her son as a proud moment for her. Despite the hardships of 2020, she felt her work had been a blessing. Despite the challenges, she was determined to complete her album, writing and singing happy, positive songs that were uplifting. While the album will include some classic songs such as Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Silent Night, it also features some original tracks.

Nothing fills a mother with joy like a child that pursues an interest she can guide him/her toward. Carrie had the proudest moment with her son Isaiah when he agreed to sing a duet with her. Although she was skeptical about the project, seeing her son put in the effort to create a good song made her very proud.

Bonding with children is very important. Bonding while doing something constructive can be heart-warming, especially if the project is a success. Carrie Underwood’s story is a strong inspiration for parents to keep guiding their children. If broadcast to many people across the world, it can inspire parents to work more on supporting children in their interests.

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