'Carol Burnett Show' Airport Security Sketch Is Just As Funny Now As It Was In 1976

Life can change over time, but some things never change.

Did you know that it's been 52 years since The Carol Burnett Show premiered? It's hard to believe. The comedy variety show enjoyed 11 seasons on CBS. In 1978, they bid farewell to their viewers.

Television was much different back then. The variety of shows and movies we have today is expansive. Back in the good old days, there was much less to choose from. However, this made people treasure comedians like Carol Burnett even more.

The comedy that people enjoyed back then wasn't so different from what we laugh at today. In fact, several things are the same as they used to be.


For example, airline security agents still spend long hours making sure we're safe as we travel the skies. However, every passenger is aware of the tedious security routine they put on before every flight.

It's important, but it can be annoying.

The comedians on The Carol Burnett Show decided to poke fun at that fact. It's funny to look back at this scene because these men had no idea how strict airport security would end up.

Harvey Korman and Tim Conway were regulars on the program. During this hilarious sketch, Korman plays a big-time film producer on his way to Los Angeles. He happens to be carrying a ton of film reels with him. Conway plays the part of the airport official.

Korman begins going through security. Let's just say that he doesn't have an easy time.

Conway's character begins to push back. He starts ad-libbing lines left and right. It's hilarious to see Korman almost losing it during his performance.

Finally, it's 5 minutes until takeoff. However, things don't get any easier for Korman.

Conway just happens to have a list of documents to go through before Korman can continue his flight.

He even presumes to ask him if he will be going to the bathroom. At this point, the audience must have been holding their sides with laughter.

That's when things get even weirder. As Conway begins looking at Korman's suitcase, he breaks its lock! It takes a ton of tools just to get in the thing.

If these comedians only knew what it's like today. They didn't understand the pain of having to put all your electronic devices in a bucket. Actually, they didn't have to worry about things like cell phones back then.

They'd never come to understand what it's like to wait in endless lines while barefoot and beltless.

No matter how important these procedures are, they're still annoying.

Take some time to get rid of that aggravation by watching this clip. It's sure to brighten your day. It may even make you feel better during your next airport experience.

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