Caring Grandpa Builds Homemade Roller Coaster In Back Yard For His Grandson

Jun 05, 2020 by apost team

A grandpa’s kind of love was recently expressed in a popular video of a fairly older man from Washington, D.C. This grandpa was captured gently, pushing his grandson along a homemade wooden roller coaster that he had turned into a DIY project. He began building the coaster in early May 2020.

Due to the pandemic that forced amusement parks to close down as a measure to contain the spread of the virus, millions of children are slowly running out of ideas on how to have fun. But this grandpa heard none of it.

The popular video has received so much viewership on Twitter, accumulating over six million views with just a few days on the social media platform. According to Daily Mail, the man began his mission on May 3rd. His daughter went ahead to share with the world this exciting news after her dad started the DIY project. Going by her Twitter handle @HUNNITBANDBRIA, she tweeted:

“[...M]y dad outside building my son a roller coaster.”

Below the tweet, in the comment section, the Twitter user went further ahead to quote that her dad is 52 years old. She notified her father’s new fans on his behalf that she would keep them posted on the progress of the DIY project. A couple of weeks later, staying true to her word, she came back and posted a clear mesmerizing snippet. The video shows a very excited grandson having fun with his grandfather as he pushes his junior along the homemade roller coaster.

This grandpa is attentive and quick enough to move along his grandson while jogging. The cute little guy is seated comfortably riding in what seems to be a customized plastic toy car made from a cart with four wooden wheels. The earlier prototype is captured with the tracks made from wood and PVC pipe whose support system seems to be made of a trash can, wooden rods, and cinder blocks.

A few days later, after releasing the initial clip, the Twitter user shared a video of the finished project. The tracking paths were erected wooden beams supported by the fence. The car was polished in a blue coating that made it sparkle from a distance. The progress attracted wide viewership online, with fans intrigued at grandpa’s DIY project of a roller coaster at home.

One of the amused Twitter users commented:

“Everyone with design/build experience has a ‘backyard roller coaster’ written in a notebook somewhere. Engineers, carpenters, pipefitters—everyone. This man is actually going and doing it. So cool.” Another one of grandpa’s new fans said: “I’m picturing it going all the way around the yard when it’s finished!”

Since the tweet became popular the grandfather-grandson duo now has an Instagram account called bubbieandnugget, ran by 'Nugget's' mom, @alwayskymbria

Here is the initial video of this innovative grandpa taking the audience through the first model. What have you been up to with the kids? What do you think about this DIY roller coaster? Send us your feedback after sending a few quarantine ideas to your family and friends using grandpa’s example.