Car Repairman Fixes Single Mom's Truck For Nothing, Then She Lures Him Into His Own Garage Presenting Him With An Award

Feb 10, 2020 by apost team

Candice Berry, who is a single mother, recently bought a used truck which she thought was in good working order. It turns out the truck had a laundry list of problems, which repair shops told her were going to cost quite a bit of money. 

A mechanic told her she needed new brakes. However, she didn't have the money to get the problem resolved, putting her in a tricky situation.

Then she found Adam Ely in Oklahoma. He runs Hard Luck Automotive Services and has a policy of never turning people away, often fixing their cars for free. When he did this for Candice, she made sure she returned the favor, nominating him for an award. 

As reported here by BBC news, Adam Ely does a tremendous service for the community. Adam goes around helping people diagnose the issues with their vehicles, which he does completely free of charge. He also works on vehicles and owns a repair shop, but is one of the few honest mechanics out there.

Getting a vehicle repaired does not only entail the repair costs, however, as many shops also charge a hefty diagnostic fee. Ely simply wants to make the world a better place though and is intent on helping people out in the community that may be struggling.

Candice Berry was truly touched by the experience and was ecstatic that she would be able to present Adam with a big thank you and four hundred dollars after nominating him for a "Pay It 4Ward" award.

There are far too few people in this world that simply want to do something good for others, but Adam really is a shining star. We should all take a look at the selfless work that he does on a regular basis and reflect on our own lives. If you want to make a positive difference in this world, you might want to consider offering your services for nothing to another person.