Can You Imagine A Windowless Plane That Will Give Passengers A Panoramic View Of The Sky

Sep 26, 2018 by apost team

People have been fighting over the window seat since the invention of windows in travel, no more so than when it comes to air travel. In the sky, airplane passengers typically view the window seat as the best in the house – and why wouldn’t they? Looking down at the world below is truly a magical experience.

The Center for Process Innovation is a technology and research firm in Britain who believes that the magical experience should be immediately available to all fliers. While the plane’s walls can’t be completely windowless, the idea is to cover them completely in OLED touch screens. This will make the beautiful view accessible to all fliers – a window seat for all!

Hoping to make these planes a reality within the next ten to fifteen years, The Center for Process Innovation has designed the interior walls of the plane to work almost like a virtual reality of the world outside of the aircraft. Rather than full-length, open-view windows, the walls will function as touch screens. The screens are connected to exterior cameras placed in many, yet strategic, places all over the plane’s exterior. These cameras report back a realistic view of what’s outside of the plane to the screens which make up the interior walls.

Interestingly, the screen has other functions as well. For those who do not wish to view the “window” view, whether for motion sickness or plain and simple boredom, the screens have the ability to change over to entertainment systems.

It all works based on the OLED touch screen. For those who aren’t familiar with this touch screen technology, the abbreviation stands for organic light-emitting diode. Essentially, a small film made up of organic compounds simply projects light when it reacts to a certain electrical current.

This is actually not so uncommon, despite the scientific sound of it. OLED-touch screen technology is used in many devices these days, such as smart phones, tablets, and televisions. It’s actually possible that even more advanced types of screens will have been not only invented, but in widespread use by the time the touch screen planes see manufacturing.

It truly is a testament to the ever-evolving face of technology which we are lucky enough to live in. On the other hand, there are possible setbacks for this type of technology. One possible downside is the amount of light that will be distributed throughout the plane from the wall-to-wall screens, causing possible disturbance and discomfort for relaxing or sleeping, passengers. The fact that the screens only project the real world outside, rather than give you a direct view of our known windows, may even invite some conspiracy theorists to have a field day with the technology. Despite these small concerns, the advent of the “windowless plane” will at least end the fight over the window seat.

Is this the future of air travel, and even the end of window seats as we know it? Watch for yourself to find out!