Camping Ground Offers Covered Wagons For Visitors To Camp In

The KOA campground in Horse Cave, Kentucky is now offering covered wagons for people to rent for a unique camping experience. The wagons are climate controlled and have electricity, real beds, and a customizable camp space right outside for fires and other camping activities.

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a covered wagon and experiencing the living conditions the pioneers had to deal with? Well now, you can do one of these things in Kentucky at the Kampgrounds of America (KOA) location near Horse Cave.

This campground now offers three climate-controlled covered wagons to let you experience a taste of pioneer life without all the trials of bandits, hard sleeping mats, or bad weather. This offers a unique opportunity for those fond of the wild west aesthetic without all of the challenges, or for anyone looking for a unique take on comfortable camping.

This KOA location offers three Conestoga wagons that can be rented by those interested in a luxurious take on a rustic lifestyle. You can also rent cabins at the same location or park your RV in one of their specially designed spots. The wagons, however, are a unique experience not easily found anywhere else. Each wagon is built for comfort and has heating and air conditioning so you can relax in optimal conditions no matter the time of year or the weather outside.

The wagons are also wired to have electricity so you will have working lights and chargers for any portable devices. There is no running water in the wagons, but there is a new bathhouse located nearby that is fully enclosed, private, and comfortable. No half-covered, dingy facilities at this campground!

The wagons come furnished with a single large bed, a set of bunk beds, comfortable chairs to sit in, a small table, and other amenities. Each wagon also has an adjacent paved area that can be set up with more traditional camping trappings like lawn chairs, food tents, and coolers.

There's even a space for you to have your own fire, so you can enjoy classic camping activities by day and still sleep on a comfortable bed in a weather-proof wagon set to your ideal temperature at night.

Since there are only three wagons, they are all in high-demand and quite popular among campers. Because of this, campers are required to rent a wagon for a minimum of two nights.

Until June 21, 2020, the campground was offering a special deal of $119 a night (plus taxes). Since then, the price has increased to $150 a night (plus taxes) for a minimum of two nights.

The town of Horse Cave where the campground is located is about an hour away from Louisville, which is famous for being the location where the Kentucky Derby is held. In addition to attending the derby, there is a lot to do in Louisville for those who want to make the drive from the campground.

If you want to stick close to the wagons, there is also plenty to do around Horse Cave such as visiting the popular Hidden River Cave. The video below will give you a brief look at what else you can do in the area where this special camping experience is located.

What do you think of this take on luxury camping with a pioneer flare? Let us know in the comments and be sure to show this to your friends and family members who may be looking for a little more adventure in their lives!