Camilla Parker-Bowles Got The Brooch That Queen Elizabeth Gave Princess Diana On Her Wedding Day

Princess Diana lost her life more than two decades ago. Despite this fact, she remains as relevant to the hearts and minds of her supporters as she was the day she died. Her style and elegance, the drama that unfolded in her life, and her philanthropic efforts are still regularly discussed.

One of the most controversial topics discussed regarding the royal family is the extramarital relationship Prince Charles shared with Camilla Parker-Bowles. And now, a new twist in the plot has been uncovered regarding the love triangle that once scandalized the British royal family.

Camilla, who is now the wife of Prince Charles, has been spotted wearing a piece of jewelry that was once a gift to Princess Diana from Queen Elizabeth II. The wedding gift was given to Diana 37 years ago.

The piece is made of emeralds, diamonds, and rubies. Diana wore the piece as a pendant. Camilla now wears the piece of jewelry as a brooch.

Following the controversial divorce that took place between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, the piece of jewelry remained in the British Royal House. In the years following the death of Diana, the jewelry was regarded as one of the greatest treasures left behind by the princess.

It is not uncommon for royal family members to wear jewelry pieces that belonged to deceased family members. But the history shared between these two ladies has caused some outrage with people who remain loyal to Princess Diana.

It is unclear whether or not Camilla will continue to wear the jewelry now that enough people are paying attention. But what is clear is that the supporters of Diana will voice their displeasure in a way that cannot be ignored by Camilla each time they see her wearing the jewelry.

Watch more in the video below to compare how the two women wore the jewels.

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