Cameron Diaz Wants To Live To Be 107 After Becoming A Mother At The Age Of 47

Jan 05, 2022 by apost team

Cameron Diaz was one of Hollywood's top actresses for years, but more recently she stepped away from the spotlight. At the height of her career, Diaz was one of the most sought after celebrities and starred in major blockbusters such as "Charlie's Angels," the "Shrek" franchise, "The Holiday" and "Bad Teacher" among a myriad of other titles that have cemented her reputation as a Hollywood A-lister. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Diaz's career was so huge that in 2013 she was the highest-paid female actor over 40. 

Naturally then, it came as a surprise for many fans that Diaz chose to step back from the spotlight around 2014. Since then, Diaz has opened up in various interviews about why she stepped back from acting, with the major reason being a desire to simplify her life, which had at the height of her fame, required numerous other people to manage regular daily things. She told Kevin Hart during an interview, as reported by the Independent:

"I just really wanted to make my life manageable by me. My routine in a day is literally what I can manage to do by myself. It’s the best feeling, I feel whole."

What's more, the actress got married in 2015 to musician Benji Madden, of the band Good Charlotte, and in 2019 the couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Raddix. That means Diaz became a mother at the age of 47 and she's since opened up about it in various interviews. While speaking with supermodel Naomi Campbell, she even joked about how she'll have to live over the age of 100 since she had her daughter later in her life. 

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Cameron Diaz (2014), (Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

While Diaz and Madden are enjoying parenthood, it wasn't an easy road for them to start their family journey. A source close to the actress told Women's Health last year that the couple "went through so much to get to this point." The couple tried to conceive naturally for a few years before turning to surrogacy in the end. The source added:

"Cameron feels like this baby is truly a miracle.” 

Since leaving acting and taking back her own life, Diaz is clearly incredibly happy with motherhood and family life. And she deserves to enjoy her newfound peace and time out of the spotlight. She told InStyle in 2019:

"The way I look at it is that I’ve given more than half of my life to the public. I feel it’s OK for me to take time for myself now to reorganize and choose how I want to come [back] into the world."

She also opened up to Jimmy Fallon in 2020 about Raddix, stating that "every single day, there are leaps and bounds, and these things that happen — she’s not the same baby she was yesterday.” The doting mom also added:

“It’s so gratifying to actually get to see that growth and to be a part of it and to help let her be her, and it’s just amazing.”

But just because she became a mom doesn't mean Diaz has lost her typical sense of humor and quirkiness, as she made fun of herself, telling Fallon that her phone is no longer full of photos of her dogs and their poop!

Cameron Diaz (2020), (World of Wonder/Getty Images/World of Wonder)

In another interview last year, Diaz opened up to supermodel Campbell about finding balance now that she's a mom. She spoke about how some people start families while they're young, whereas she did it the other way around, explaining:

"They get married [and] have a family in their youth. I’m kind of doing it in the second half of my life.”

She also said that this is the happiest time of her life and that she's in her "sweet spot." And in fact, science backs this up, with one study revealing that happiness increases after childbirth among older moms, while the effect is short-lived for younger mothers. She also told Campbell: 

“Having a family when you’re young, it’s like anything when you’re young, you do it. When you’re my age and you decide to do it, it’s a real choice. You really have to work hard for it.”

In fact, Campbell even mentioned that Diaz looked more beautiful and happier than before and it seemed that the balance had been reached. But once again, making sure to keep it real, Diaz also joked that there was a little bit of pressure now to live longer. She exclaimed ironically: 

“The only pressure for me now is I have to live to be, like, 107. You know, so no pressure!” 

After a lifetime of entertaining the world, it's incredibly heartwarming to see that Diaz is not only taking time for herself but truly thriving in her new role as a mother. We wish her and her husband all the best as they continue to raise their daughter Raddix!

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